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Masters vs. no masters

#1 Masters vs. no masters
15/10/2013 10:26


Hello all,

I have a quick question to which I hope I can garner some responses, I'll keep it brief as long life stories are not everyones cup of tea.

I am interested in pursuing a career in management consultancy. I recently graduated from the University of Glasgow where I studied law and received a 2:1. Several commercial themed subjects made up the bulk of my Honours courses.

As I am aware that law is not an exact fit in order to pursue a career in MC, I decided I would pursue a MSc in Management at a business school with a starting time at the beginning of the new year (2014).

I am aware that masters programmes are extremely expensive to undertake, and as a consequence, I have spent the time since graduation in China working as an English teacher in order to save some funds (the pay is good and I think the job has given me some vital transferrable skills).

A masters course I have found that begins in the new year and is not overly pricey is the MSc in Management at Brunel University, a course which incorporates a compulsory placement programme, something I feel will provide me with further experience in my grad scheme MC applications.

My question is do you think it is wise to invest in this masters course? Is the university any good? Or should I rely on my bachelors degree in my applications?

I realise now this post is quite long so apologies for the essay and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 RE: Masters vs. no masters
15/10/2013 10:30

Mr Cool to johnao13 (#1)

A 2:1 in Law from Glasgow is absolutely fine - you should apply now.

The reality is that a "proper" academic subject such as law from a "proper" Uni such as Glasgow will be regarded much mroe highly than a cosmetically directly appropriate course such as business studies from a third rate uni.

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#3 RE: Masters vs. no masters
15/10/2013 11:27

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Mr Cool (#2)

agree with mr cool... your academics are fine!

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#4 RE: Masters vs. no masters
15/10/2013 11:32

a07 to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#3)

Agreed - I don't have a masters and have just made manager after 8 years in Consulting/Industry. Two of my friends who have masters are both at Senior Consultant after the same timespan, so it's just an added title on your CV with more expense.

I think these days practical experience is the key tbh.

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#5 RE: Masters vs. no masters
15/10/2013 14:33

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to a07 (#4)

All this talk about masters, masters and more masters has made my day.

It reminded me of the 1980s hit "Master Blaster".

A great way to cheer up a dreary public-sector filled October afternoon.

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#6 RE: Masters vs. no masters
16/10/2013 00:38

Camster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#5)

There are a few ways to get into MC:

1. Graduate entry after first degree. Usually, in this route, you'd probably had an internship(s) in you penultimate and/or final year.

2. MBA hire.

3. Experienced hire.

If you really want to get into MC, then do an MBA. Not any random one, but from a top school. There is a list somewhere here on Top-Consultant that shows which MBA programmes consulting outfits prefer.

In short, anything other than a top MBA is a waste of time. Unfortunately, this is how things are.

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#7 RE: Masters vs. no masters
16/10/2013 06:19

johnao13 to Camster (#6)

Cheers for your honest and helpful advice, I appreciate it! Will give the graduate scheme applications a bash and if it doesn't prove fruitful I will reassess my options. Thanks again!

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