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Pwc Consulting - Partner interview

#1 Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
30/09/2013 07:44



I am seeking advice around the final partner interview for PwC Experienced Hire consulting roles. I've applied for a Senior Associate role within Ops Transformation.

I've passed the following recruitment stages:

- initial telephone screen

- online numerical and verbal reasoning tests

- competency-based telephone interview

- face-to-face technical interview (with a snr cosultant)

- Selection Day (group exercise, individual exercise, director interview)

I've read contrasting accounts online as to whether the final partner interview is a rubber-stamping exercise, or a structured competency-based technical interview. LinkedIn has revealed that the parter interviewing me is not from the sector I'm applying. Therefore, I don't expect the interview to be focused too much around my industry knowledge.

Would appreciate any guidance around how I should approach this final stage.

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#2 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
30/09/2013 16:46

Freezing to Aspiring_Consultant (#1)


From my experience, the partner interview is more around cultural fit and what level you are suited for within the business, which is partially determined by competency-based questioning and partially down to a conversation around your own interests and aspirations.

One of the reasons for the partner being from a different area within the business, is to see how your responses translate from a technical-only perspective into more generic consultancy-related experience, along with how you articulate this.

When I had my interview, there was nothing discussed in relation to technical competency, as in 'what is a yield?', but I had to describe generic situations in which I had led teams, overcome failure, etc (examples relating to my consulting ability) with a smattering of technical framing in the situational context to provide relevance.

hope this helps!

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#3 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
30/09/2013 20:26

Aspiring_Consultant to Freezing (#2)

Many thanks for the advice, hopefully I can demonstrate the character traits and qualities sought in the final interview.

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#4 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
11/10/2013 14:01

optimist456 to Aspiring_Consultant (#3)


Hope you got the role! I'm just a step behind you. :)

I've a Selection Day coming up in a couple of weeks. It'll be really helpful if you could specifically detail what you came across. I know that it entails a written exercise, interview and group discussion...but some elaboration would be great (for which I'll be grateful if you could take out time to do).

* What was the written exercise about and how did you attempt it?

* What was the topic surrounding the group discussion and how did you go about it (as whatever you did got you through)?

* How does the interview differ from the one we faced in the previous round? because that was competency-based too?

* Finally, you wrote you were preparing for the Partner interview? isn't Selection Day the last stage of recruitment?

Thank you in advance and looking forward to the benefits of you reply!


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#5 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
04/11/2013 05:26

Aspiring_Consultant to optimist456 (#4)

I had my final partner interview 3 weeks ago for a SA role in OT. The interview went well, the partner told me to "expect an offer" and that they'd be in touch in the next few days. However, he did slightly caveat that and said he had to run it past a colleague before formally proceeding to offer. I was told I could contact him directly if I had any questions so overall I left feeling confident.

Since then I have received no correspondence, other than that which I have initiated. I've attempted to contact the partner and have reached their voicemail on each attempt. I've been chasing HR who say they're still waiting to hear back from the partner on the outcome of the interview, but did say they're in the middle of a busy recruitment period.

My application is slightly complicated in that I've requested to be based outside of London within a region. I've been told all along that this is fine and actually welcome as they're looking to enhance their regional presence.

Is it unusual to wait this long for an outcome following a final partner interview, given the context above?

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#6 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
04/11/2013 22:25

optimist456 to Aspiring_Consultant (#5)


Don't mean to dampen spirits (especially when I, myself, am almost there!) but it seems that PwC's merger (read takeover!) will be a dual gamechanger - for the consulting industry & us application jockeys!

Fingers X'd! ;)

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#7 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
05/11/2013 05:58

Aspiring_Consultant to optimist456 (#6)

I did wonder whether the Booz buy out might influence the outcome. From what I can gather Booz don't have a presence outside of London, so if I'm being recruited to a regional team I shouldn't cross paths with the consultants moving over. Wishful/optimistic thinking maybe, as there may just be a blanket freeze on all consulting exp hire recruitment regardless of competency, industry or location until the Booz consultants have been absorbed, so you may have a valid point.

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#8 RE: Pwc Consulting - Partner interview
05/11/2013 09:18

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Aspiring_Consultant (#7)

"From what I can gather Booz don't have a presence outside of London"

a. They have a global footprint

b. Their only UK office is in London

c. They'll go wherever the clients are - if that means the north pole, so be it...

d. Their clients tend to be large companies with large offices in large cities (such as London)... you won't find them thrashing it out with a regional branch of KPMG to do some business advisory work for Steptoe & Sons, so on that basis if you're applying to an office based in Huddersfield (for example), it's unlikely you'll cross with them

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