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Desperate Grad!

#1 Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:24


Hi all,

I've recently graduated from university (last month) and I'm keen to start a career as a management consultant. I graduated with a 2.1 in Management and Entrepreneurship (Marketing minor) and got BBB at A-Level. I fear my academic history is not working in my favour. Most grad schemes require at least 320 UCAS point and I only have 300. Additionally a lot of schemes require a numerical degree which I didn't do. Despite all this I still believe I would make a great management consultant.

So my question is how can I make myself more competitive? I've been thinking of taking a year out to learn a language abroad, is this a sensible idea? I've also played with the ideas of doing a masters.

Please help!

A very determined graduate.

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#2 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:26

Smithy to NewGradRookie (#1)

What about an estate agent?

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#3 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:28

Smithy to Smithy (#2)

You can call yourself a "Property Management Consultant". That's exactly what you're after, right?

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#4 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:41

NewGradRookie to Smithy (#3)

Ermmmm....not exactly what I meant lol. I want to get into change management for example.

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#5 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:50

DCF to NewGradRookie (#4)

so how come now - in August? You're aware the other Very Determined Graduates will shortly be starting work, having applied, been through the process, accpeted offers some months ago?

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#6 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 16:56

NewGradRookie to DCF (#5)

I've been applying since I started my 3rd no avail evidently. So I guess I'll be trying for the 2014 intake. I just need to see where I'm going wrong.

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#7 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 17:44

DCF to NewGradRookie (#6)

I think you will have to find somewhere with more relaxed entry standards and work your way in from there. Or find another decent grad scheme, complete that and come in as a Consultant in a couple of years. Dare I suggest you start at or badger your university careers service.

If you have been to a middling to poor university your medium term options in consulting are going to be work for a smaller and less, um, prestigious outfit or to come in as an experienced hire with achievements sufficiently impressive to cancel out the academics.

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#8 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 18:01

Defence88 to NewGradRookie (#6)

Hi Newgradrookie,

I was in a similar situation to you when I graduated from my Undergraduate Degree in 2009, albeit I had not applied for graduate schemes as I was left high and dry by one of the service branches I had secured an officer training post with, for medical reasons. Either way, I had nothing expect my degree and A levels of ABB.

What I did:

- Took any job I could get (initially).

- Decided to go travelling, saved like crazy and went around the world.

- Used whatever network I had to arrange work placements/experience (Family, Friends, University lecturers, literally anyone in your current network).

- One of these placements actually led to me landing work in the middle east as contractor for a few months, you never know where things will lead!.

- Decided very early after graduating that I would take a year out before starting an MSc. I vetted the MSc topic and University very carefully to ensure it offered maximum value to an employer. Chose something much more technically focused than my BA in History and accredited by professional bodies.

- Started the MSc, and straight away began applying for graduate positions, although in a very focused manner, doing lots of research on the companies/industries and taking lots of time to ensure my applications were top notch. (Basically all the things you should be doing in the last year of your Undergrad)

- I found that with my travelling, middle east experience and MSc, I was basically getting invited to interview for every company I applied for (despite having medicorce/good A-levels and a 2.1 in History)

- Had a job offer for an industry Graduate Scheme before Christmas that year, did it for 18 months then made the move into consulting at the grade above graduate.

Good luck, don't be discouraged, you can still set yourself apart if you put the effort in, although it will require a lot more effort than someone with AAA and who went to a top ten Uni.

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#9 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 18:58

Mr Cool to Defence88 (#8)

Kindest advice is to shelf your dream of a grad position in a consultancy. Better to get a job in any one of the major industries that consultancies target - FS, telco, tech, public sector, manufacturing, etc. then you need to excel in practice to make up for average grades.

In 3-5 years you might be able to apply as a junior external hire on the strength of experience

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#10 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 21:24

NewGradRookie to Defence88 (#8)

Wow thank you so much!!! You've really opened my eyes to the options out there! Maybe I will learn a language :)

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#11 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 21:26

NewGradRookie to Mr Cool (#9)

Thank you for your advice... 3-5 years is a while but I guess worth it in the long run.

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#12 RE: Desperate Grad!
21/08/2013 21:28

NewGradRookie to DCF (#7)

Oh and I went to a top 10 uni...doubt that makes a difference for me though.

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