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MBA or not MBA

#1 MBA or not MBA
20/08/2013 18:41



I am at a cross-roads and not sure how to progress forward I would much appreciate an advice from those who have trodden the path, and this page is notorious to give cold blooded but honest advice which is what I am after.

I worked for over 5 years as IT Manager at top-tier Investment Bank, where I was responsible for a team of developers and managed relationship with the business. Then decided to try something completely different and joined Big4 consulting in their IT Advisory arm, as with any job there are ups and downs, however it is very clear to me that I don't want to stay here for much longer.

I am considering either to do MBA and then try to join as a IT senior manager or director some investment bank or may be as a IT strategist...

The question is would MBA qualification from top MBA school help or do companies still look at your experience rather than MBA qualification? Is there a cheaper way to join IT strategy or senior management team in the same time frame, may be some qualifications?

Thank you.

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#2 RE: MBA or not MBA
21/08/2013 08:22

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to bugs (#1)

Personally, I'd focus on climbing the ladder.

Benefits: faster progression, instant pay rise, avoids getting into £100k of lost income + spent money.

Also, frankly I always think that IT bods with an MBA are slightly charlatan-ish. I go to many events where I sadly get to interact or, even worse, have to listen to IT bods with MBAs talk about "business issues" and it is usually cringeworthy to say the least. The problem is, despite the MBA, such people are often very weak thinkers. They merely remember tools like tr "Boston matrix" or suchlike and then regurgitate it at every possible opportunity. They usually don't actually "apply" their skills or knowledge, adapting tools they have learnt to the specific context. This happens so frequently that, frankly, I for one now find it difficult to take seriously and IT bod with an MBA.

So, if I were you, I would focus on building on your (excellent) experience and focus your efforts in climbing the ladder fast by way of external placements (getting promoted in the same company usually takes too long and sometimes you need to shake off baggage anyhow).

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#3 RE: MBA or not MBA
21/08/2013 10:08

I to bugs (#1)

"IT senior manager or director some investment bank or may be as a IT strategist."

You don't need an MBA for that. MBA is really meant for career changers or people working in investment banking/management consulting/industries, where an MBA is just part of the natural progression (you return to an Associate position).

Since you want to stick with an IT related field, an Executive MBA might be useful. It is part-time too.

So consider an Executive MBA if you want to do a degree.

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#4 RE: MBA or not MBA
27/08/2013 10:22

Camster to bugs (#1)

If you want to do technology (TMT) strategy, then try to get into a consultancy that has a niche in TMT.

If you fail, then try to understand why you failed.

If you want to do an MBA, by all means, please do. But make sure it's from a top, top school. Anything less than the best is a felony.....

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