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"Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?

#1 "Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?
12/08/2013 17:56


Hey everyone, I new to the forum here and looking for some advice on a new application I've been working on to help consultants do "instant video consulting" over the web.

You can see the idea at - still in development but you can sign up for updates if you like.

So, you get the idea. You can create a profile, indicate your expertise, and allow anyone to connect with you to pick your brain about your area of expertise for a fee. You make a little dough, they get their problem solved.

Is this something anyone here would use? Should I just hang it up and move on to something new? Anyone using software similar to this already? See any problems up front that I might face?

Thank you for your advice!!!


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#2 RE: "Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?
12/08/2013 18:41

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to gluemonkey (#1)

hmm, neat idea

I would call it however something like "Access an expert" and make the topics broad, everything from talk to a car mechanic through to a financial advisor

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#3 RE: "Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?
12/08/2013 20:30

detoilet Consultant to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

Access an Expert !!

hmmm thought I'd better run through potential branding on this one

Could be abbreviated to A an E - Disaster waiting to happen :-) or quick fix in 10 hours :-) or next crisis for David and co

I've a better idea how about Problems Addressed COnsulting - ah abbreviated to PA Consulting maybe not BEPs is better :-)


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#4 RE: "Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?
12/08/2013 21:03

Dan! Dan! Dan! to gluemonkey (#1)

The first problem you might face is that you seem to be confusing consultants with experts, as rightly alluded to in a subsequent post. Consultants are generally hired to fill resource and/or capability gaps, when it comes to project management, data analysis, problem structuring/solving. They are rarely hired to give people their 2c with a few anecdotes, pulling lines from the Harvard Business Review.

And why does being able to see someone's face increase the value of their advice, as opposed to a standard phone call?

Considering the above, can't you use technology more intelligently? For one, how about creating an interactive platform, where you can share your screen (i.e. reports, graphs, spreadsheets, etc) with the other person?

I can potentially see a scenario in which someone has a load of data they are trying to put to the best use possible, or a series of graphs they're trying to understand, and could benefit from sharing this with a consultant to get a few pointers.

Also, do you propose an advance payment, without knowing what kind of cr@p the 'consultant' is going spew at you?

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#5 RE: "Instant video consulting" platform for Consultants?
13/08/2013 00:57

alexandermeerkat to gluemonkey (#1)

Congrats on the new venture Patrick - lots of potential. is similar which I guess you know ... also

I guess key is finding the right niche for your one and getting some critical mass of consultants/ people within that segment

good luck!

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