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#1 ccj
31/07/2013 00:14


I am new to this forum, so apologies in advance for any mistake! Here is my problem, i work in bank from last 3 years and everything was going well last year, one of my know friend ask me to stay gaurantor for his cousin, as he stood himself as primary gaurantor, (me as second gaurantor) i didnt find anything wrong in it, because he was known to me, after 5 months my landlord called me said there is some post which has come through, so i went to pick up that, it was some sort of form from court, i had no clue what exactly it was so i rang on the number they have said a landlord has set claim against me for unpaid rent, i said to them i dont owe anybody, they said its for the property where i stood gaurantor, i ask them how can i dispute that they said send the acknowledgement back, by selecting right option, so i did that, at the same time i called my friend and ask him whats going on? He said his cousin who was staying at the property had faced some incident which she reported to the agency, but they didnt do anything after that one more incident happen someone was chasing her, she got scared and went to agency and told them she cant live at the property, they daid she needs to oay one month rent and she wont get deposit back, first she didnt agree for paying rent but agreed for the deposit and after that she left the property and that was it,

So i mention to my friend that i have send the court acknowledgement back so deal with it because i was travelling abroad, i even wrote to that landlord stating i got into this mess without even me knowing about it, gave him the adress and contact details of the tenant and and cousin to sort this out because she was ready to pay that one month rent, i came back my friend had left the country and i check my post there was no letter or any post from court or agency, so i thought everything is sorted, now this year july i went to apply for job in barclays after getting the job they said they gona do do the checks and came back saying i gor ccj on my file i was shocked, since then i am trying to get this resolved, can anyone suggest me what should i do,

I am sorry for being too descriptive, but i really dont want to have bad mark especially when i know nothing about it, i will really appreciate if anyone can help me

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#2 RE: ccj
19/08/2013 01:25

Mr Cool to waz11 (#1)

Go the the Citizens Advice Bureau. However, it does sound like you agreed to stand guarantee the rental payments of someone you hardly knew, then they skipped and the landlord exercised his right to get the money from you. You didn't pay so you've ended up with a CCJ. Generally this will exclude you from any non-clerical banking job.

Not entirely sure what you are complaining about....

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