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Accenture IT Strategy

#1 Accenture IT Strategy
16/07/2013 06:58


Hello all

Is there anyone with an insider view of Accenture's IT Strategy group? Could you pls share you experience with kind of projects, growth within group, culture etc.? I am exploring a role with the group at mid-level (Mgr / Sr. Mgr) position.

Apart from regular marketing stuff, what would you think is real differentiator for Accenture? Positives / negatives, focus areas...etc. Any thoughts pls?

Thanks, Tim

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#2 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
16/07/2013 14:52

AT_Tim to AT_Tim (#1)

Anyone pls?

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#3 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
24/07/2013 16:40

MAK. to AT_Tim (#2)

Accenture is the best in IT Strategy space.

Differentiator would be the end-to-end capability that accenture has. Speak with more senior people. I just entered the team and started enjoying the work

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#4 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
24/07/2013 18:19

Mr Cool to MAK. (#3)

I think most people would recognise accentures strength in brainwashing new hires.

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#5 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
24/07/2013 22:42

cloudnumbernine4u to Mr Cool (#4)


brainwashing is key..either employees or clients..!

on a serious note : Accenture is really strong in terms of end to end strategy as we just dont show complex models and nice PPTs, we actually have to implement the strategy as well..if you compare it with some of the other pure strategy houses, where in they only provide consulting/roadmaps and leave it to someone else to deliver on their promises, clients want someone who can promise and then also help deliver it..

btw, I am talking abt IT strategy here...not sure about other areas..

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#6 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
25/07/2013 11:44

Evil Consultant to AT_Tim (#1)

Regarded as a bit of a joke by those who actually do know something about technology and how to implement it, but looked down upon by those who regard themselves as real management consultants. Neither fish nor fowl if you see what I mean.


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#7 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
30/07/2013 15:02

CONnedsultant to cloudnumbernine4u (#5) is often not the IT strategy folk who ended up implementing the work..

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#8 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
01/08/2013 16:09

Charliefleabag to AT_Tim (#1)

Caveat - I have never worked for Accenture but have worked alongside them on several projects.

Accenture is big and as a result you will find good and bad consultants. I often find that high-level IT strategy work is done by another advisory consultancy and Accenture are used for the implementation phase - but there is often overlap. For example, I was brought on board a big project because the Accenture guys were a bit too techie and couldn't see the wood for the trees. Most of the Accenture IT strategy consultants I have worked with have been good but the senior executives were typically a bunch of tw*ts (insert the appropriate letter).

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#9 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
04/08/2013 09:34

MAK. to Charliefleabag (#8)

Is it possible to move from Accenture IT Strategy group to Accenture Strategy group. Has anybody done that before. ?

Their core training, methodology and the work they do seem to be similar except that one is focused on IT and the other on the Business as a whole

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#10 RE: Accenture IT Strategy
05/08/2013 09:50

CONnedsultant to MAK. (#9)

In order to do this you will need sponsorship from the DTE you wish to join and approval from the one you need. If you are a technology consultant I think you will need to do some sort of interview. In theory if your skills are transferable and you have the backing from the department you wish to join then it is fine..however the reality may make this prove to be a bit more difficult

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