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#1 10EQS
28/06/2013 13:09


Hi All,

I recently found an interesting potential opportunity for management consulting. It is with a company called 10EQS

and I am trying to get some insight about it.

They have an interesting and innovative model whereby they hire consultants from around the world to work on dedicated projects by forming virtual teams. Consultants need to have fast broadband and a Skype account to collaborate, so where one's located doesn't matter.

Has anybody here had any experience with it (or perhaps knows someone who's had) and, if so, could you please share your thoughts with me?

Many thanks in advance,


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#2 RE: 10EQS
28/06/2013 14:33

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Nick_Danev (#1)

I had an email from them too. Looks like a good company but I got suspicious about the initial contact, given that they contacted me out of the blue and all that. But on further examination they look just fine. I was wondering what to make of them, too. I'll follow up with them and let you know how I get on. The impression I get is that it's a decent company with a 'virtual' staffing model which relies heavily on associates. I think they may be looking to ramp up their network very quickly. I'm sure they'll do very well as will the people who work with them. Would be interested to hear other people's views/experiences too.

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#3 RE: 10EQS
01/07/2013 13:55

Nick_Danev to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

Thank you very much for this! I shall be looking forward to your post.

I am pretty sure that they are a good company to work for. The problem is that they not make it very clear on what to expect in terms of work flow and payment.

I am in full employment right now. I am looking to make a move ideally to a better full time job. This company looks interesting to me but it is a bit ambiguous on the nature of this employment - they say it's contract but that there will be a constant flow of projects, ensuring a minimum of $2400 a month.

I'm looking to find out if they really have a constant flow of projects as well as what sort of projects they have.

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#4 RE: 10EQS
07/07/2013 08:49

weekends to Nick_Danev (#3)

I found this discussion when searching for more info on 10EQS as I received a Linkedin invite from them. It would be good to hear of others' first-hand experiences. Thus far I found some complaints online that the company is taking months to pay consultants and subject experts. Some of the reviews are as recent as early last month and are on GlassDoor, Ripoffreport and Indeed so quite the mixture of sources.

It seems like 10EQS is trying to make a purely virtual version of A-Connect+GLG, or independent management consulting plus expert network services?

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#5 RE: 10EQS
10/07/2013 01:19

10EQS to Nick_Danev (#1)

Hi all,

10EQS has been founded almost 5 years ago with the objective of merging “traditional consulting" and the “online world”. Our founders, all former McKinsey partners, aimed at leveraging speed and flexibility of internet in order to reduce the time needed to answer our clients' critical business questions.

10EQS is composed of two main “teams”: the “internal” team that works everyday on specific aspects of the business, and “cloud-based” collaborators who work on the execution and delivery of high-end consulting projects for top clients. Moreover, the contribution of "subject matter experts" helps us to always verify, validate and enrich the quality of our studies.

Internal team members work from offices located around the world, whereas “cloud-based” collaborators can work from any location. Four our cloud-based collaborators the work is project-based: a person who has gone through our assessment processes, will be contacted whenever a project matches her/his skills and background. As our aim is always to staff the best possible team to answer our clients’ questions; we have an internal process of assessing the best performing individuals. The higher the performance on projects, the higher the possibility of getting staffed on a new project.

If you have any further questions about the business model, the benefits of this innovative way of working and you would like to receive more details, you can sign for an info session by writing an email to: We will be happy to schedule a Skype call with one of our team members.

The 10EQS Team

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#6 RE: 10EQS
10/08/2013 02:44

AJ to Nick_Danev (#3)

Nick, FWIW my advice is don't quit your full time job for 10eqs. They can't guarantee a constant flow of projects and their staffing needs can swing wildly. Staffing varies with experience fit or performance (as their reply to you claims) but watch out if you've raised questions about late payment or lack of work flow one time too often, you may find yourself cut off and the work volume choked up. Before you jump into anything with 10eqs, read the recent reviews on how they're months late with payments. I learned firsthand from their accounts payable dept that their policy is until their client pays, you don't get paid. What happens if their client never pays?? I'd use 10eqs to fill in open gaps in my capacity as a close to last resort but not rely on them as a reliable full time job unless you don't need to earn consistent pay to live and are so easygoing, erratic late payments and lack of work don't bother you at all.

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