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recruitment consultants

#1 recruitment consultants
10/05/2013 23:25


Can anyone recommend any decent ones? Looking to move out of Technology Consulting (Technology - Analytics/BI/Data Management) into industry for a lifestyle change. Either websites or people would be great.


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#2 RE: recruitment consultants
10/05/2013 23:33

detoilet Consultant to n2n4 (#1)

Just landed a new role using LinkedIn - few years back it was job site, monster etc but things seem to have changed

You don't need the premium bit just search for roles generically then filter by your contacts - typically your contacts will work in same industry so I was surprised what came up

Word has it mars and cool are ok but at a price


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#3 RE: recruitment consultants
11/05/2013 06:25

Mr Cool to detoilet Consultant (#2)

I'm not a recruiter!! Blimey ... Feel the need to lie down.

Mars is. Not sure he does mc2i though...

Which industry you targeting?

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#4 RE: recruitment consultants
11/05/2013 06:28

Camster to detoilet Consultant (#2)

Well done, DC!

We need to meet up to celebrate :)

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#5 RE: recruitment consultants
11/05/2013 07:00

Camster to n2n4 (#1)

I echo what DC said. LinkedIn is best these days. Also, get in touch with Mars the Martian. He gives good advice and maybe, he knows of relevant roles.

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#6 RE: recruitment consultants
12/05/2013 08:03

n2n4 to Camster (#5)

Thanks guys, I don't know who Mars the Martian is but will give linkedin a shot!

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#7 RE: recruitment consultants
12/05/2013 23:26

detoilet Consultant to Camster (#4)


Drinks on me especially given I'm moving into telco again ! After a few years break

Who knows Camster, you might be my boss .... Or I yours !!


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#8 RE: recruitment consultants
13/05/2013 08:59

Bryan Hickson ( to detoilet Consultant (#7)

Hmm - beg to differ guys.... or at least to qualify that view with some data from the market as a whole. Have a look at the '2013 Management Consultancy Recruitment Channe'l report here . It's a report based on responses from 963 management consultancy jobseekers and if you scoot to p19 you'll see the jobboard that they rate above all others for finding a consulting job. Wonder who that could be! Social Media platforms have been enjoying a growth in share of applications but this stands now at just 10% (p21) and the percentage of active users in management consulting of LI and Facebook is now actually falling. Well done detoilet all the same of course!

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#9 RE: recruitment consultants
13/05/2013 09:04

tom1 to Bryan Hickson ( (#8)

I wouldn't ever use one source in isolation.. I've found my last 2 roles via LinkedIn

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#10 RE: recruitment consultants
13/05/2013 12:34

Tony Restell ( to tom1 (#9)

I'd echo the view of Tom1, don't ever rely on just one channel to deliver. Just a few examples and insights that I hope will be helpful:

- Consulting firms have been building up their internal recruiting teams to approach candidates directly via social media (especially, but not exclusively on LinkedIn). Recruiters tell me they make most of their hires on LinkedIn this way (not via the LinkedIn jobs board contrary to what you might think). So if you haven't polished your profile and invested time in ensuring you'll show up in searches being conducted by recruiters then you're missing out on tons of opportunities.

- Plenty of hiring is happening below the radar - consulting firms needing to make hires but needing to do so discreetly / out of sight of clients. These roles usually go via recruitment agencies, so if you've discounted working with recruitment agencies then you're missing out on a portion of all the opportunities in our sector.

- Referral hiring is extremely popular with employers, as it's shown to produce some of their best hires (in terms of people who are culturally right for the firm and go on to become a success within the business). So you should be working your contacts to see what opportunities you could be referred into.

- Job boards remain one of the lowest cost routes for making hires (all the above come at a considerable cost per hire), so there's still appetite to make as many hires as possible via this route.

Hope this is helpful. To the original poster, there are a couple of recruitment firms who operate in the strategy consulting to industry space (think top MBA or McKinsey moving into a corporate role); but asides from that there's no-one I could point you to who specialises in this area - there's a wide range of firms hiring for roles in industry, but most of these roles would accept applications from more than just ex-consultants and so there isn't really a market to specialise in this.

Tony Restell

Founder, and

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#11 RE: recruitment consultants
16/05/2013 22:27

n2n4 to Tony Restell ( (#10)

thanks for the advice Tony, much appreciated.

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#12 RE: recruitment consultants
27/05/2013 23:26

rcrl to n2n4 (#1)

Can anyone recommend any decent ones?

A decent one? No...

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