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Parlaying my Experience....

#1 Parlaying my Experience....
21/04/2013 18:22

Young Consultant

Hi All,

I'm looking to parlay my unique business experience into a Management Consultant position-

Please tell me how successful you think I'd be in doing so, based on my background!

My background:

I graduated from a good school (one notch under Ivy League) at the age of 20, in 3 years instead of 4, with a BA in Business Economics.

About six months later, I took on my first corporate position, at a mid-sized, 40 year old firm specializing in recruitment services.

My intentions of starting here were not necessarily to excel in the Sales role I was hired for, but to analyze the business for which I'd work, and to formulate and present my profit-bearing to the most senior management, in hopes of gaining merit.

Here is my list of accomplishments at the firm:

- Broke several sales records within the first 6 months of my arrival, as a rookie (doesn't tie into how I'd be a good consultant, but speaks to my intelligence and work-ethic).

- MORE IMPORTANTLY: After conducting backbreaking analysis/analytics, I've formulated dozens of meritable ideas for almost every of aspect of the business, which have been hailed by the CEO and top management as valuable, and more importantly, which management are beginning to (or already have) implement- and which our company is seeing an immediate return on. These changes will and have, by management's own admission, increased the company's profit margin substantially.

So, given my background and accomplishments, how easy do you think it would be for me to transition directly into a management consultant role?

Will I still have to attend B-School to get a job as a management consultant, given the fact that the work I've be doing is basically that of a management consultant (and I've been successful)?

Also, I'm 22 years old, turning 23 in a few months.

Let me know the feasibility of my goal to transition directly into a Manag. Consultant!

-Young Consultant

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#2 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
22/04/2013 09:23

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Young Consultant (#1)

Hehe... "Parlay"

Allow me to parlay some thoughts. At the age of 22, having transformed a recruitment business with ideas that have been held in high esteem by the managing director, it is clear that your significant accomplishments and ability to generate a substantial and immediate return entitle you to transition directly into a MC role with an esteemed firm without delay. AS A MATTER OF THE HIGHEST IMPORTANCE: As you say, you are already basically doing the work of a manag. consultant and your dozens of meritable and profit-bearing ideas that have been haled by the CEO (as his own admission) as groundbreaking and transformational clearly prove that.

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#3 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
22/04/2013 10:27

Matrix to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

I'll parlay my thoughts that this is another prank. surely?

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#4 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
22/04/2013 10:40

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

22 and three quarters?

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#5 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
22/04/2013 11:21

Mr Cool to Young Consultant (#1)

Assuming you are being honest in your assessment of academics, alma mater and experience to date, I'd say you shoud have some possibility of transfering to your target job. The challenges you will face are:

1) You are now no longer a grad entrant, but your experience with a recruitment firm does not constitute a target sector for most consultancies. Two years with a bank, telco, pharma or IT firm might have been more relevant. Recruitment is not a target consultancy industry, in the main.

2) You need to find a balance between being proud of your achievements and not coming across as a candidate on The Apprentice, where they all routinely claim to have single handedly saved their company, etc, etc.

3) You need to cut out all the managment-speak

4) You need to be wary of rubbing existing consultants up the wrong way by claiming you're already doing their level of work. You are currently paid to sell recruitment and while doing so, you have had some good ideas that you've floated past the management team. You have not been given 5 days to learn an industry you're never worked in, create a flawless analysis of the market that will be challenged by bright and negative clients, all while justifying a grand a day rate. As Billy Connolly once said, "every f-c---r that ever makes a half decent best man's speech in front of his family thinks he can do stand-up. I go on stage with over FOUR HOURS of top notch, pi$$-your-pants material, There is just NO comparison."

Frankly - you just need to apply and see what happens.

Good luck.

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#6 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
25/04/2013 00:05

Young Consultant to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)


Thanks for the response.

Yes, I took some time to draft the post before posting, so my wording is awkward.

Anyway, (and I'm being entirely sincere here) I'm not able to decode sarcasm very well in writing- are you being straight with me?

Thanks if you are.

If not, thanks as well.



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#7 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
25/04/2013 00:06

Young Consultant to Matrix (#3)


No, sir/ma'am.

Do you have any input?



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#8 RE: Parlaying my Experience....
25/04/2013 00:11

Young Consultant to Mr Cool (#5)

Never seen the apprentice.

Of course, I omitted all my bad points :P

Thanks for the feedback, though.

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