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Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting

#1 Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting
19/04/2013 13:52

James J Boothman


I apsire to join MBBB, but could use some advice over whether current my options are viable for acheiving that goal.

I have recently been offered a place on the postgraduate Bachelor of Civil Laws course at Oxford University, after graduating last year from a non-target University with a 1st Class degree at the top of my law school. I have acquired some commercial experience, interning in a Big 4 firm and working as a Business Development Director for a start-up Political Consultancy this year.

I am tempted to undertake the postgraduate course at Oxford as it is the best postgraduate law course in the world and MBBB certainly target Oxford University. However, despite its prestige, since it is Law and the fact that most people who undertake this course go on to become Barristers or Solicitors, would I be overlooked in terms of recruiting? And would a postgraduate at Oxford add that much value in the eyes of MBBB, given the fact that I attended a non-target University for my Undergraduate degree?

Thank you for your time, I know a lot of questions are asked about MBBB, so any responses would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards,


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#2 RE: Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting
19/04/2013 16:10

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to James J Boothman (#1)

No guarantees, but a degree in law from oxford certainly won't get your CV automatically put in the bin, let's put it that way...

besides, if you've got a law degree, what would you want to do going into MC anyway? Law is a respected profession, with a defined career path and opportunities! MC on the other hand is mostly just a bunch of IT code jockeys or geography graduates talking fluff and BS in the guise of being experts about a client's business. With law, you actually have to know your stuff. With MC, any old fine arts graduate can get by so long as they can memorise a couple of buzzwords and pretend to be experts about guff like "porter's 5 forces" or SWOT. In fact, most of them get by just by quoting tired old cliches about "where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there".

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#3 RE: Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting
20/04/2013 08:13

Hypothesis-driven to James J Boothman (#1)


There is a defined recruiting path for advanced degree holders at MBB -- all three target JD/law postgrads in addition to PhDs and MDs. Check out each firm's website on recruiting advanced professional degree holders.

In the last couple of years, greater emphasis has been placed on diversifying the recruiting pool, but advanced degrees still make up only a small portion of the incoming class each year. Keep in mind that JD holders are placed in the same role as MBA grads (i.e. you all start off as an associate at McK or consultant at BCG/Bain).

Therefore, in summary to your questions:

- a law degree can lead to an interview, but offers are limited and the selection bar very high

- holding an undergrad degree from a non-target school is not a deal-breaker (you could still get an interview), but other applicants will have the right schools for both under- and post-grad

This all said, you should set realistic expectations about the probability of making it. By all means go for it, but also have a healthy balance of other consulting firms and career options in mind.

You shouldn't be investing a big chunk of your life picking up additional degrees solely for MBB ... do it because you would enjoy the experience and are happy with whatever door that opens for you down the road.

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#4 RE: Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting
20/04/2013 18:52

James J Boothman to Hypothesis-driven (#3)

Hi Bushy Eyebrow Partner, thank you for your reply and your honesty! It made me laugh and reminded me of the TV series "House of Lies". I am interested in MC due to the flexibility I hope it will provide me, as a line of work to start my career with, and also the chance to work on a wider variety of problems and projects - although I may be naive!

Hi Hypothesis-driven, many thanks for your informative and comprehensive reply, its greatly appreciated and has given me a much greater confidence in my decision. I do want to undertake the postgraduate as I am academically interested in Law, but as a career I am really interested in the strategy work that is primarily done by MBBB -although I certainly am also interested in boutiques like LEK. Your point about being willing to be open to other doors is certainly wise advice, especially considering the competitivenes of MBBB and is something I will definitley take in my stride.

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#5 RE: Postgraduate Law at Oxford to Strategy Consulting
21/04/2013 01:27

detoilet Consultant to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

BEP - have we met ? You describe me so well pmsl

Where do I want to be ? By the phone when it rings with the problem our human effluent disposer might be need to leak some depreciating assets

Where do I want to be ? In the centre of of the action advising and watching how they let go

How do I get there ? If its on the drip I'll work my way there reluctantly along the tube if not forget the economical flush and surf the wave

Nothing to do with original question ! How r u tho' better I hope

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