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Masters in MIS, IT Consulting jobs/projects/salary/etc

#1 Masters in MIS, IT Consulting jobs/projects/salary/etc
09/04/2013 07:27


Hey guys,

I'm coming (relatively) close to graduating from undergrad with a BSBA in MIS from a top ranking MIS school (Eller College of Management), where I will then be applying and getting my Masters in MIS as well. I'm currently studying for the Network+ and plan on studying for the CCNA while in my senior year, graduating with my Bachelors in 2014 (Masters in 2015).

I am currently a Systems Administrator at the university Bookstore, gaining a lot of knowledge well within the scope of my degree and networking as well. We do everything relating to MIS/IT... Also, I am currently managing the IT for a medical practice, and consulting for them as well with a coworker from the bookstore. Suffice to say, I'm gaining a lot of PCI compliance knowledge and HIPAA compliancy knowledge from both jobs, whilst still being full time. I feel like this would be the perfect combination of knowledge to use in IT consulting.

With that, I am passionate about my field, and am planning on doing the Masters once I graduate. Once I graduate, my thought is that I really want to get broad scope knowledge with IT consulting from Accenture in Phoenix. I have quite a few friends who graduated with just their Bachelors and not nearly the experience I have already, and they got into IT consulting with small projects.

My question is first, what kind of projects can I expect to command if I were to also land a job in IT consulting with my experience and academics? What role could I take with what I have? What would a guy in my situation typically command with respect to salary?

On top of that, I have a lot of other things not necessarily related.. but I am both fluent in English and Spanish having been raised by two Argentine parents. My goal would be to someday work a year or two with a project in Argentina with IT consulting... Having lived all over the world and having spent a lot of time abroad, I feel fairly confident that I can command a very respectable title with meaningful projects and salary.

Would love to hear your input!

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#2 RE: Masters in MIS, IT Consulting jobs/projects/salary/etc
09/04/2013 09:29

marsday to lolrwd (#1)

You wont 'command' anything. As a raw grad you are a resource and will work on the projects you are asigned to.

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#3 RE: Masters in MIS, IT Consulting jobs/projects/salary/etc
09/04/2013 09:34

Mr Cool to lolrwd (#1)

Yup, if you get a job at Accenture then you'll be a grad entry analyst just like your buddies and on the same starting pay. They'll expect you to do whatever you're told for about 2-3 years before the promote you to consultant.

After about 5 - 10 years you might make manager and then you get to "command" half a dozen junior analysts.

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