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Kuala Lumpur relocation question

#1 Kuala Lumpur relocation question
12/03/2013 23:06



I was wondering if there is anyone who can please let me know what sort of factors make up a standard package for consultants in SE Asia, particularly based in Kuala Lumpur?

I work for a small London based consulting firm that opened up an office in KL a few months ago. There isn't really a precedent for transferring to the new KL office, though my wife and I are keen to go. Before I begin negotiations with my firm (they are looking for a few people to move out to the new office) I was hoping someone might be able to let me know what a standard package out there might include? My current package covers base pay, a travel allowance, a pension contribution, average medical insurance and then a personal and company bonus.

Would this be standard for the region? Is an accommodation allowance out of the question? Are consulting salaries comparable? Is it too simple to just convert my UK salary to Malaysian Ringgit and expect that to be my pay? What would a fair relocation allowance need to be to cover shipping/air freight? Is there anything else I should be thinking about / asking?

Thanks for taking the time to read. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.


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#2 RE: Kuala Lumpur relocation question
13/03/2013 10:48

Camster to rfc1985 (#1)

Really? If you're looking for people to join the KL office, please consider me. I speak fluent Malay (and Indonesian), am very well entrenched with almost all the telecom operators in the region, well-connected with the business leaders from companies like Petronas and Sime Darby, can 'tap' my dad if political connections/help is needed. I don't even mind an SC position, as long as my current package is maintained. LOL!

RFC, firstly, if I were you, I would wait a few months until the Malaysian general election is over, before throwing your name in.

Here's a breakdown of things.

Base salary: Ask for an annual basic of RM360k. Using a 4.8 rate, that's £75k. The £ is going to drop further. But you are OK if you get an RM basic. Also, the top tax rate is 28%??, can't remember exactly.

Medical: Private companies in Malaysia provide comprehensive private health care. The private health facilities in Malaysia are way better than what we get with the NHS.

Bonus/OTE: Here, I am ignoring bonus, but used £75k basic (see above) as I assumed a 75:25 split, i.e. £100k OTE, which is fair for a standard SC level in the UK.

Car: Get them to provide a car. Great roads, but public transport sucks.

Accommodation: They usually provide this as well. I have a very nice furnished apartment near KLCC if you're wanting one - hehehe. Current tenant from France leaves end April. Expect to pay, say, RM5k for a nice apartment. See If wrong address, just google

Food: Great food in Malaysia. And cheap! No worries here. So won't write much.

Pension: In Malaysia and Singapore, there's something called the EPF (CPF for Singapore). For ease of calculation, let's say you have a 10k monthly salary. You pay in 11% and the company pays 13%, if I remember right. You get this back in a lump sum at the retirement age of 55. Good interest! in the good years, 8-9%. In the recent bad years, 4-5%. Even now, I transfer every month my EPF cntributions.

If you need any further info, feel free to ask.


1/4 Malaysian, did my primary education in Malaysia, before having to move with my old man wherever he got posted. Also worked in Malaysia/SEA early in my career. Saying that, I've only been back 2-3 times since 2004, the last being Christmas 2010. It' a nice place though.

Also, join They have a decent group in KL.

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#3 RE: Kuala Lumpur relocation question
13/03/2013 10:53

Camster to Camster (#2)

P.S. I wouldn't bother with shipping anything over. You can get pretty much everything there. Quality furniture and other household items are cheap(er) compared to the UK, etc.

Edit: PPS. Definitely ask for relocation. When my wife took up her vodafone role, moving from Cambs to West Berks, she got £5k cash, plus ful reimbursement of our move. We had to stay at this serviced apartment for a few weeks. All covered. When I took up the DE role, they gave a relocation allowance of Euro20k cash if I remember right, or claim all. When I was offered a role with Alcatel New Zealand, there was a relocation package, can't remember details. Gist is, definitely include a relocation package, but don't ask for something silly.

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#4 RE: Kuala Lumpur relocation question
03/04/2013 14:11

Camster to Camster (#3)

Sterling dropped further. £1 = RM4.64 now. Expect it to drop further in 2013. Maybe even down to 4.2!

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