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deferred graduate offer - how to play it?

#1 deferred graduate offer - how to play it?
23/10/2001 00:00


Hello Forum

Last year I successfully negotiated the horrors of the strategy consulting graduate recruitment process and landed a job with a respected mid-sized firm. However my start date has been delayed until the middle of next year (if I'm lucky). It would be great to get some opinions on the following questions:

1) Given the fact that its going to be hard to get any work experience in the present climate does anyone have any good suggestions on how to add to my human capital in the time available to me? Learn a language? Voluntary work?

2) It seems evident to me that even though I was one of the 5-10 best candidates this year it is likely that there will be a lot of first rate graduates going begging this year- my prospective employer could no doubt find someone "better" than me to start next September if they look now. How do people think consulting firms are going to play this one? Will they honor last years commitments or be tempted to take their pick of this year's applicants and cancel some of the offers they made in a very different situation?

3) Any other tips or suggestions as to how to play this one? Is it worth phoning the partners at regular intervals to "jump off the page" and avoid being wiped out? Or should one keep a low profile?

I'd be grateful for any thoughts on these questions and I'm sure I'm not the only one... (Accenture's £10,000 sign on bonus looks a bit ridiculous now doesn't it?)



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#2 Re: deferred graduate offer - how to play it?
23/10/2001 00:00


Hugo, that's quite a conundrum!! My own opinion is that the firms will be anxious not to tarnish their good names any more than necessary. Not making many Oxbridge offers this year doesn't look great, but doing a U-turn on existing offers is quite something else and likely to tarnish a firms name for some years amongst your peer group. Compare and contrast the positive light in which some firms sabbatical programs and delayed start dates compare with others enforced redundancy approaches.............. Having said this, the firms are delaying start dates because they really don't have anything for you to do. An occasional call to show you are still enthusiastic would not go amiss, and could be a good opportunity to get a feel for what would be a good way for you to use this enforced gap year. But more than this I think would be irritating.......... My recommendations would be to look out the small fast growing consultancies and see if they would be interested in a cheap intern for a few months - based on the strength of the big-name offer you already have under your belt. Alternatively try the same with a big name blue chip company - having experience with Unilever, BMW, Barclays or the like would be valuable once you begin life as a consultant. Or a language - if you get to the level where you could work in that country - would certainly be useful.... Hope that helps. Tony

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#3 Re: deferred graduate offer - how to play it?
23/10/2001 00:00

Start looking for another job in the meantime ...

Does your deferral ban contract positions ?

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