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McKinsey Quantitative Test

#1 McKinsey Quantitative Test
09/03/2005 16:40


Hi Everyone, So I guess I did get another interview after all. This time it's with McKinsey. They say I'll be taking a 90 minute quantitative test + two 1 hr interviews (I'm assuming case studies)..I hate spot on tests like these. Does anyone know what sorts of questions I'll get and the best way to prepare?

Thanks so much! Sam

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#2 Re: McKinsey Quantitative Test
09/03/2005 17:31


No precise idea, but I guess something similar to the quantitative part of the GMAT test. Try to go in a bookshop and have a look at the dozens of books on gmat. If you have a math/engineering background it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't, then it's about studying a bit of basic math, algebra, geometry.

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#3 Re: McKinsey Quantitative Test
09/03/2005 17:42



I'm an Econ Bachelors and Finance and Economics MSc. I think you're right, it would be wise to brush up on some of those mathematics. I have a GRE book, I wonder if that will suffice.

Thanks for your response,


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#4 heard it wasn't piece of cake
09/03/2005 17:59


A friend of mine took it and eventually got an offer. He's one of those bright and smart MBA very good with maths and analytical stuff, but he said that the test was quite challenging. The questions are like the most difficult level of GMAT. Plus there's a time constraint. So pace yourself well.

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#5 Re: heard it wasn't piece of cake
09/03/2005 19:09


Hi Coco,

Thanks for your reply. This isn't for an MBA level position. It's for a Junior Analyst position at their research arm. I wonder if there is any variation in the difficulty level of these tests



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#6 Re: McKinsey Quantitative Test
09/03/2005 21:16


For all you McKinsey aspirants out there - you may want to pick up two books: The McKinsey Way and The McKinsey Mind. The former explains the firm and the later really shows you the process. Good stuff for any consulting aspirant but these are about McKinsey and written by former McKinsey guys -Ethan Rasiel wrote McKinsey Way and Raisel and Paul Friga wrote McKinsey Mind.

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#7 McKinsey Quantitative Test
15/03/2005 13:59

not easy

I did the quants test a month or so ago. Its quite tough, the maths is pretty basic stuff, messing around with percents and changing them into overall sales volumes and other things like that. You wont need any advanced maths, and there is no calculator given, so just be careful if trying to compute in you head.

There is, if i rem correctly 36 questions, with four questions based on nine different case studies.

The maths is easy enough but be carefull as the case studies can lead to ambiguity in what the various figures mean.

Time is not a major problem, ten minutes for each case study. and the questions and case studies get harder as you go on.

Best of luck

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#8 Re: McKinsey Quantitative Test
16/03/2005 02:50


I took the test last year, and to be honest with you it is very basic -percentages and ratios. I had not done Maths since G.C.S.E and passed it. So do not worry. Try looking at JPmorgans website for practice numerical tests - same format but this one is quite a bit harder than you will get. Good luck!

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