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BT job - advice requested

#1 BT job - advice requested
07/02/2013 22:44


Hi all,

Wondered if anyone has any insight in to the Cost Transformation team at BT? I've been approached to apply and trying to find out some info. Main reasons for considering it are to change the type of work I'm currently doing and focus on a single industry.

I've heard broadly negative things about BT as an organisation. For example the leadership programme has been slated on here previously and my colleagues who have worked there say it's a weird place to work. That said, I'm told staff are generally looked after, there is lots of opportunity and I imagine that the range of services it offers would mean excellent TMT credibility on the cv if I wanted to get back in to consulting.

I think in large companies it can come down to the team you're in, so keen to hear of any experience in Cost Transformation area particularly. Although all advice would be welcome. Thx

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#2 RE: BT job - advice requested
08/02/2013 14:25

Camster to tripster (#1)

Hi tripster,

It would be easy to guess my name if I say too much. In short, I'd advise against it.

What sort of 'TMT credibility' are you after?

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#3 RE: BT job - advice requested
10/02/2013 19:01

tripster to Camster (#2)

Hi Camster, thanks for the reply.

Re TMT credibility, I'd like a role that could allow me to return to consulting in the future as an industry specialist. I think a decent role at BT (big, complex, well known business) would be valued highly.

This isn't my primary motivation, but hopefully explains need for tmt credibility. Recognise that moves back in to consulting are rare for whatever reason but its an option I'd like to keep open.

I've looked at some of the team on LinkedIn. It seems quite finance function oriented but appear like good people.

Without giving too much away...can you say generally why you wouldn't reccomend it? I'd be hoping for decent projects (ie valued with real benefits), some autonomy over ways of working, career progression, friendly teams and work environment, strong exit options either in the business or outside of it after 2 years...

Thoughts appreciated

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#4 RE: BT job - advice requested
11/02/2013 19:29

Camster to tripster (#3)

Pardon the late reply. Went to Rio to take in the carnival. Met (or saw) Megan Fox. Looks rather plain in real life!


The CT role is what it says on the can - cost reduction. In MC, it's not the most glamorous of roles/projects. The same in industry

In telecoms, you really need to understand the underlying technologies and how you monetise them.

The CT group is essentially BT's internal 'cost' consultancy. Operator revenue is down and will remain down, as illustrated by a top fund manager letting go VF shares (lower dividend, etc.). So, it's cost cutting (or "cost transformation").

To understand the root of this, you really need to understand what's happening in this space. You can only achieve so much by doing things like moving some service centres to Malaysia and Latin America, etc.

You'll probably do projects on a BU basis, e.g. BT Wholesale, Global Services, Openreach possibly, etc. Then again, you might get stuck with a single BU. I think Wholesale / BTGS have had their 'cost transformation, from procurement to whatever. Retail is plain boring. Enterprise? BT face a lot of competition here. Way better players! More nimble players.

You will find it very difficult to do anything in BT. Just far too much nonsense / politics.

You will rarely get the chance to see the big picture, but instead, will do your own bit, which to me, is not the right way to go about things.

I just can't see a role in Cost Transformation offering you the chance to be a proper specialist.

Then comes the 'culture' thing. I've worked and had projects with a number of incumbents, e.g. BT, DTAG, etc. BT is possibly the worst of the lot.

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#5 RE: BT job - advice requested
13/02/2013 23:51

tripster to Camster (#4)


Thanks for the reply.

Your poiints make sense. Sounds like some of your concerns come from BT being a big beast. E.g. better opportunity to understand the root of telcos challenges in a smaller firm, easier to take a holistic view in a smaller business, potentially easier to manage change in a smaller firm.

Another option I'd like to keep open is to use the internal consulting role (at bt or elsewhere) as a route in to a business role. I would hope that this would provide better specialist telco skills. Is cost transformation really seen as a centre of excellence in BT? Or just an annoying group of project managers trying to claim credit and annoying everyone? Any other exit considerations?

Probably more wary of the culture and politics right now - more likely to grind day to day.


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#6 RE: BT job - advice requested
14/02/2013 11:08

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to tripster (#5)

When you're speaking to BT, could you please ask them to hurry up with their fibre rollout? Heh heh

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#7 RE: BT job - advice requested
14/02/2013 20:05

Camster to tripster (#5)


I can understand your wanting to get some industry experience, but you should make sure it's the 'right' role.

Don't know your background and level, so can't comment on exit options. Am somewhat the opposite. Went into consulting after spending a lot of time in industry (TMT). Am finding it a challenge to get back into industry at the 'right' level.

Another thing is.... you are coming up against ppl with loads of industry experience. There are loads of people within the TMT space (telecoms in particular) who have their CVs out in the market. Loads of ppl made redundant.

Don't really want to comment further on BT. My mum used to say, "If you have nothing good to say..... then say nothing" :)

I feel that you might want to consider a different industry. Telecoms is in bad shape. Not just the recession. The whole business model is flawed (would take a loooong time to explain).

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#8 RE: BT job - advice requested
14/02/2013 20:11

Camster to Camster (#7)

Thought of this rather useful analogy.

My brother-in-law is a consultant surgeon. When I asked his thoughts about GPs having control of budget, he said.....

"Someone needs a hip replacement. Goes to the GP first. GP recommends a cheaper option with cheaper parts, etc. But the surgeon, who knows the 'technical details' etc., knows that Option B is best, albeit it being more expensive. And in the long run (i.e. not quarter or quarter, knows that Option B is cheaper".

In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that".

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#9 RE: BT job - advice requested
27/02/2013 16:35

Stanley to Camster (#4)

hmmm.. had a colleague that left, could maybe put you in touch.

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#10 RE: BT job - advice requested
27/02/2013 17:35

marsday to tripster (#1)

Depends what you want from your experience at BT. From what I've been told on numerous occasions effecting change there is like trying to push water up hill. Soft landing and plenty of internal opportunities, but I'm not convinced that it stands up too well when you exit, and the further they have to evolve away from their core offering the more they seem to struggle and retract.

Could be a sweet start with a sour after-taste.

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#11 RE: BT job - advice requested
14/03/2013 19:19

tripster to marsday (#10)

Didn't get it. Didn't want it anyway...

Thanks for the comments

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#12 RE: BT job - advice requested
10/04/2013 14:39

IL5 to tripster (#11)

Hi - I have been approached about a similar position as well...I'm assuming the first round is pure competency based questions?

The recruiters said that second round is a case study – given my background is not in cost optimization do I even stand a chance? Or is it just a waste of time?

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#13 RE: BT job - advice requested
20/06/2013 15:36

newbie81 to tripster (#1)

Hi Tripster,

Can you provide a few details about the interview processs, case study, competency based etc.?

Also, some details about any knewledge of the compensation would be appreciated.


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#14 RE: BT job - advice requested
21/06/2013 09:02

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to newbie81 (#13)

# I am the linesman of the county!

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#15 RE: BT job - advice requested
21/06/2013 09:03

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#14)

Also, do they have an office in Wichita? LOL.

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#16 RE: BT job - advice requested
26/07/2013 01:45

cons101 to newbie81 (#13)

Hey did your case study interview go? i'm due for the same...! and don't have afinance / cost background...

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#17 RE: BT job - advice requested
26/07/2013 01:46

cons101 to newbie81 (#13)

Hey did your case study interview go? i'm due for the same...! and don't have afinance / cost background...

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#18 RE: BT job - advice requested
09/08/2013 00:36

newbie81 to cons101 (#17)

I didn't haven't yet, the interview process seems to be moving quite slowly.

Did you already finish yours?

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