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Who to work for?

#1 Who to work for?
04/03/2005 12:10


Hi all. I worked for Accenture for a few years as an IT/ Mgt consultant before taking time out to go travelling. Now I'm back, I want back in to consulting but preferably with a different firm (Just want to experience a different company culture).

Who are the main mgt consultancies around that I should be looking at? Any opinions?

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#2 Re: Who to work for?
10/03/2005 14:45


You don't know?!!! Well, while you were out, Coopers got into bed with Price Waterhouse as they both realised they were not making enough millionaires peddling the same tired old rubbish and they saw that Gemini were cleaning up with this new fangled IT stuff that CEO's were lapping up by the £billion, mainly because the SAP systems they'd been sold were actually adding cost and complication rather than the savings that were promised, and once they'd bought it, they found they had to buy it again and again and again just to keep up with the speed of the guys who were programming, wow that was a great sell that one, and so these CEO's were desperate for anyone that said they knew something about IT and how to make it work, so Gemini became CAP and sacked loads of people who went to work for IBM who decided they knew about computers but could add millions to their bills if they added this consulting bit on aswell, and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon, I mean even BT started selling consulting ("pick it up and speak into it") and for a while we couldn't move for 'solutions' but now the logistics companies are doing that which is just soooo low rent, but then the backside droppped out of the market as the CEO's couldn't understand where the back office stopped and middleware started and ooh it was awful but luckily Labour came to power and decided to spend an even more obscene amount of money on 'transforming government' and suddenly there was a whole new market to peddle the old rubbish to and better than that, these clients really didn't have a clue, because they'd been reading the Guardian for the last ten years and thought that they must be really important people because only really important people got consultants like the BBC, but now everyone's at it and to top it all the contracts are astronomical and last for ever I mean you have to kill someone to get thrown out, heaven forbid someone should actually measure the value added, good grief no, although the margins are a bit tight so this has meant a bit of a squeeze on consultants pay which if they had any other employement chance they'd have griped about but most have been happy to keep a low profile lost in some 12 year project in the department for health, work, criminal justice and the environment, ooh, ooh and I bet you didn't know about Enron either, wow, anyway they went bust because everyone was on the fiddle basically, including the auditors and the end result was that all the 'big' ones had to split audit and consulting at least with Chinese walls or something and your old firm nearly went to the wall for fraud but by changing the name everyone was saved, hooray, how simple why didn't I think of that, anyway this means loads of work for banker types even now as everyone still gets their knickers in a twist over how to do basic sums in a business (I mean, how hard is it really to tot up "how many have you sold, love?"), but don't worry about that because now it's died down and nothing's really changed since the 'named' firms still do exactly what they did before, I mean it's what they're good at, innit? and for the last six months industry has started to come out of the doldrums with a whole new batch of CEO's in place to sell to, so here we arrive at consulting nirvana for the 'top' firms, all snouts firmly in the public sector trough without exception whilst building their industrial sized margins again flogging 'we can help you through this crazy world of business we helped to create'. I'd apply back to Andercenture if I were you.

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#3 Re: Who to work for?
10/03/2005 15:21


"the emperor has no clothes"...cant have people pointing it can we...? I hear you so well...those that are willing to dance the 'danse macabre' seem go from strength to strength....

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