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Advice Please

#1 Advice Please
17/01/2013 14:47


A newbie here to the consulting world....

Was contacted by a recruiter for infosys consulting (US) for a senior principal position. Currently I am a VP in marketing at a large pharma/med device company. When discussing salary I mentioned my current salary of $250k with 37% bonus target, in addition to restricted stock and options. I was told that the compensation was certainly less at infosys. Anyone have an idea of the compensation range for a senior principal at infosys? My belief was that consultants work damn hard and are compensated well for their hard work. How much further up the command chain would one need to go to be receiving comparable compensation?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and/or advice.

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#2 RE: Advice Please
17/01/2013 14:53

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Biomark (#1)

Let me get this right. You have had an offer for a job which:

a) Involves "working damn hard" (harder than you currently work).

b) Will pay you less.

Can somebody get Albert Einstein on the line please? We desperately need his intellectual horsepower to work out what to do here! Einstein, are you there please!?

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#3 RE: Advice Please
17/01/2013 16:08

Anon MCs to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)


Sorry no useful info on this side, just general chuckling

However, if someone does enjoy working harder for less money then we have our man!?!

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#4 RE: Advice Please
17/01/2013 16:21

Mr Cool to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#2)

BEP, you're often entertaining, but you do seem happy to write 300 word posts, but only read the first 10 of others posts!

The OP clearly knows what to do with the offer. He's expressed surprise that consultancy is not as lucrative as he's always assumed, and asked how high up in a firm he'd need to be to get a comparable salary.

To biomark,

To make 250k plus bonus you'd probably have to go in to a consultancy firm at " director" level, I.e. on the path to Partner.

At director you would be expected to be both directly billable on projects at a very high day rate ($3k+) AND sell a few mill of project revenue, either alone or under loose supervision of an existing partner.

As no consulting firm would ever hire an external hire to this level without existing experience of selling consultancy, it's unlikely that any firm would be able to make you an attractive offer.

Bottom line - you're already a well paid baseball star. No hockey team can afford you a a rookie.

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#5 RE: Advice Please
17/01/2013 16:41

marsday to Biomark (#1)

Infosys? Really? I mean..really?

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#6 RE: Advice Please
17/01/2013 18:13

Biomark to Mr Cool (#4)

Mr Cool:

Thanks for reading the complete post and understanding the question being asked.

A couple follow-on questions:

I assume titles vary by consulting company, but is a senior principal position similar to a director level?

Also, it appears that infosys is not considered a top-tier consulting firm, but that may be due to their focus: tactical implementation vs. strategic consulting. Thus I would not compare with McKinsey, Bain and others who I have been exposed to during my career. In their own realm of implementation consulting subspecialty, are they still viewed as a low tier firm?

Thanks again all for your feedback including BEP for the sarcasm.

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