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Accenture then What?

#1 Accenture then What?
02/03/2005 16:44


Hye guys, ive been made an offer to work at Accenture after a couple of years in engineering. I would eventually like to work in IT at an investment bank in 2-3 years time, and am wondering what my chances are if i accept the job with accenture.</br> I.e. is Accenture on the CV a good name to have, to get into IT at investment banks? Many thanks

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#2 Re: Accenture then What?
02/03/2005 18:18



Moving from Accenture to an investment bank happens on a regular occurance. As long as you position yourself so that you work in the FS practice, then it shouldn't be a problem. Most people move into a line role in an investment bank working typically as a project manager. In fact I know some people who left Accenture, to join the client that they've been working for!

There are even some who have made the jump to a front office position. Go for it. Accenture are a world class organisation and I benefitted hugely from working with them.

Best of luck

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#3 Re: Accenture then What?
03/03/2005 11:43


Yes, it is as it provides you with a good grounding in project/programme management, consulting skills and client-facing skills. But make sure you get into the Financial Services practice area as this is the consulting space within AC that will enable you to work in Investment Banks and gain the industry knowledge as well as make the right contacts

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#4 Re: Accenture then What?
03/03/2005 13:05


Ive been made an offer to join Global ACT, so not sure i will be able to work in FS full time per se. Would you know how easy it is to leverage myself onto projects in FS from Global ACT? Cheers for your help.

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#5 Re: Accenture then What?
03/03/2005 16:08


You've received a lot of positive feedback but here's the truth from an insider: The best you can hope for post-Accenture is an Operations role in an investment bank- and that isn't exactly glamourous. The reality is that Accenture DOES NOT expose you to the skills you'll need for a front office IBanking role.

If you're serious about joining Accenture, then you simply have to be serious about a long term career in IT project management. Anything else and you'll end up being very disappointed.

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#6 Re: Accenture then What?
03/03/2005 18:29


Im not looking to get into front office...i dont think my skills would fit there, but i would be keen on going into an IT role at an this within the realms of reason? Cheers for your help.

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#7 Re: Accenture then What?
04/03/2005 00:10


It is easier to go into IB from Deloitte. If you can get in to Accenture then you can get into Deloitte. At Accenture you have to love IT to succeed.

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#8 Re: Accenture then What?
04/03/2005 09:24


1 What does work in IT mean - be a techy or manage projects, The answer to that has great relevnace to the importance of a/c experience.

Regarless having worked in IB's for 5 years (3 banks) in a mixture of IT (3 years)and project management roles (2 years) I would say that there is no need to go via a consultancy. When I was in the IT area I did not work with any ex consulatnats, in my project management team 2 out of 25 staff are ex consulatants.

However and this may sound somewhat negative .... You would get good experience from a/c and should you find that the IB route is not for you then you could draw on the ac experince to assit you in getting out of IB.

Also working for a/c will give you exposure to formal project management technicques. IB's projects tend to fly by the seat of their pants and tend not to be very structured. You may find that having worked in a strucutred env first one of two things happen:

- you bring strcutre into an unstructured world and add value;

- you find it hard to adjust to a lack formal structure and end up considering that you only end up on 'bad' projects and as a result feel dejected. (Of the 2 ex consultants I work with one falls into each category)

One final point IB's are very specialist, you need to understand financial products if you are to progress. The longer to wait to learn about this the harder you will find it to progress much above AVP.

Saying all that consider the advice, read the commentary but do what feels right, none of us has a chrystal ball

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#9 Re: Accenture then What?
04/03/2005 09:56

nick (again)

To expand the chrystal ball comment and apologies if this is somewhat self evident but JOB MARKET IS KING

- 5 years ago banking industry was in good shape so if you had a good CV and interviewed well chances are you could get in

- 3 years ago banking industry not in good shape - lots of redundancies meant competition was v high so unless you had relevant exp ie worked in banks you wouldn't get a look in

- now - kinda half n half

Banks hire consulatnts ONLY with relevant exp if you are looking for anything other than a junior position (obviouslt when you get vv senior the situation changes) what relevnet exp means is usually FS practice, with good SAP or Oracle fin exp.

If your heart is set on IB and you can get in now I would ask you to consider &quot;Why am I waiting?&quot;.

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#10 Re: Accenture then What?
04/03/2005 20:31


As someone mentioned, if you want to do well in IT at an IB you have to know some specialist products well. Joining ACN's FS service doesn't guarantee you'll work with financial services clients and products. I've seen people shipped to large teams just for the sake of &quot;putting bums on seats&quot;. ACN will give you good professional exposure but if IB is your preferred future destination, you may be better off joining a bank directly

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