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PWC Consulting Pay

#1 PWC Consulting Pay
01/03/2005 12:11

James T

I've heard PWC have started up their consulting arm again. I'd be interested to hear hat's it like compared to other consultancies? What are the pay scales like?

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#2 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
03/03/2005 12:18


They'll be the same rates as everyone else's:

Grads with up to 5 yrs experience: 30 - 50k

Bog standard experienced consulant = £45 - 55 plus car and bens, senior / principal consultant = 50 - 70k plus same, and managing consultant above that

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#3 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
03/03/2005 12:19


From what I know, there is a PwC consulting subsidiary in Italy called Advisory and a small office in London but salaries are way lower than in firms such as McK, BCG, Bain...

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#4 PWC Pay - to Ginadoja
04/03/2005 09:14


Ginadoja, do you mean the London office salaries or the Italian Advisory salaries are significantly lower than Bain, BCG, etc.? And could you perhaps quantify "way lower"? Thanks.

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#5 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
04/03/2005 14:47

PwC Consultant

James, not all of PwCs consulting practice was sold to IBM. In the Advisory practice a core 'Business Solutions' capacity was retained. Last year this was rebranded as 'Performance Improvement Consulting'(PIC) and covers all of the skillsets and market sectors you would expect of a big4 consulting practice. Recruiting has been going like the clappers over the last six months or so, and the PIC group is now half as big as what was sold to IBM. Work is plentiful, opportunities good and salaries and benefits are what you would expect from one of the most sought-after of the graduate employers. When the non-compete agreement with IBM lapses in a few years time, it will be like PwC Consulting was never sold - there will be a consulting practice almost identical in size and structure, so career progression is looking excellent for those already in the door. Currently, PwC PIC is the best kept secret in London, but the market is beginning to realise its there, and so will everybody else who is fed up of being burned out by their current strat house or systems implementer. At PwC work/life balance is excellent, with an official work from home policy i.e. if you don't have client meetings, you are not expected to go to the office just to show face (most people are challenged as to why they are sitting in the office and reminded that they didn't have to come in). Speaking of which, the views from the office on Embankment are some one of the best in London, and as such you will never tire of walking through the door. Pwc PIC? Recommended. Highly recommended.

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#6 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
04/03/2005 18:02


PwC Consultant

I am interested in finding out more about PIC - I have been to the website and feel my skills are matched to the work and focus of what PIC delivers. I have 5 years project mgt & consulting experience -mostly public sector. Any advice on how to pursue my interest, other than using the online application form (i.e any relvant contacts to approach)? Advice greatly appreciated and we can take offline if necessary.

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#7 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
07/03/2005 10:49

PwC Consultant

Interested, post a contact e-mail or number and I'll contact you.

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#8 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
07/03/2005 12:16


Thanks for the detailed reply. I was with PW in their ABAS and have moved into IT since then. Just wanted to check if you feel there would be appropriate roles for me within PwC?

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#9 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
07/03/2005 17:44


PwC Consultant

I can be contacted at - I look forward to finding out more.


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#10 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
07/03/2005 21:08

Returning Consultant

pwc consultant, having previously worked with Accenture and for the last three years worked in industry, I am now looking to return to the consulting arena and would be grateful if you could perhaps provide me with some insights with regards to pwc's current and future offerings. I can be contacted on Hope to talk to you soon.

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#11 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
08/03/2005 15:41


Hi PwC Consultant.

Just a quick query really.. The PIC sounds very a interesting proposition. How would one go about applying to this practice as a graduate (well, soon to be, anyway)? Most of the closing dates for PwC graduate positions have long since passed, and there's no mention of PIC on the website anyway..

Any tips would be most appreciated.

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#12 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
09/03/2005 11:46


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#13 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
09/03/2005 20:48


Hi PWC Consultant,

I'm working in consulting for one of the big 4 as well. I'd love to hear more about PWC PIC - could you send me the relevant info too please?

I'm available at

Thanks again,


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#14 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
16/03/2005 00:25

Suspiro Del Moro

I have a question too. What do average Directors make in the US in PWC? Is 225K out of thequestion? How does that compare to the IBM situation? Band 9 or 10? Does anyone know?

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#15 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
16/03/2005 23:50


PWC Consultant i would be very interested in learning about the PIC dept, many thanks

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#16 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
17/03/2005 19:56


Would be nice to be in the "loop". Thanks

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#17 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
22/03/2005 00:46


Hi, I'm also very much interested in learning more about PWC and its performance improvement consulting business unit. Please contact me on my email;

Many thanks

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#18 Re: PWC Consulting Pay
30/03/2005 14:05

Ex-PwC Consultant

Hi all,

After reading PwC Consultant's post...I kinda have my own views on the PwC advisory arm. Having worked there for the past two years, I would agree that PwC has a very good work/life balance in comparison to other consulting firms. The pay is slightly less than what you get at a consulting firm but the people and the culture is definitely great. PwC people sure knows how to have fun.

Whilst saying that, PwC advisory isn't quite the new consulting arm, just yet. I don't know what's going to happen in the future but at the moment, the capabilities are limited to certain types of services due to the non-compete agreement with IBM. I would not see PwC competing in either the IT consulting or Operations Consulting arena in the future as re-creating these capabilities would be in direct conflict with its auditing functions. To be honest, PwC is still utilising its auditing clients and providing advisory services to these clients. (It's a great strategy for sure, but they can't do it openly!).

Furthermore, it should also be noted that the other big 4 accounting firms are also rebuilding an advisory arm. This is clearly where the money is and there are stories that KPMG is negotiating with Bearingpoint to end its non-compete agreement earlier as well. At the end of the day, an accounting firm is an accounting firm and the perception is 'accounting' within the market. PwC's primary function is still nonetheless, auditing at the end of day. PwC will not be known as a consulting firm and is competing on the basis that they are lower in costs than the consulting firms and thus I believe the services that it can offer are limited.

I believe if you want the true experience as a management consultant, goto a firm that is clearly branded as management consulting. If you want a place that has a great culture, then goto PwC. I've had an amazing two years at PwC and I'm just looking to expand my experiences, so I've left to go to a management consulting firm.

That's just my 2 cents. Don't have to agree with me! Good luck with your careers everyone!

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