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Christmas part misbehaviour

#1 Christmas part misbehaviour
13/12/2012 17:39


Top-Consultants, I need some advice on how to handle a situation

Recently I was told informally I'm "probably" not going to make the cut for promotion that I think I'm due, then the night after my team's christmas do, I see the door to one of the Partner's hotel room open and out trips a very attractive female consultants (still in party dress). Cue red faces for her and me.

Only a day later the partner comes up to me and tells me that I've been misinformed. I am on the promotion list after all.

Looking at it one way, I get what I want

Looking at it the other way, am I now a target?

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#2 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
13/12/2012 20:13

Bravehearted to PeerGintster (#1)

No - you're not a target. Just carry on as usual.

If you're really bothered, you can make it clear that it's none of your business and you aren't concerned with who sleeps with who.

Now on another topic, what grade was the fine lady? And if you can say, what firm?

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#3 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 00:27

detoilet Consultant to PeerGintster (#1)

Ho ho ho

Things do go a bit mad at christmas

I'd be prudent as a wise man check yoyr contract doesn't have a sanity claus in it otherwise you may be looking at the sack

Ho ho ho merry xmas

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#4 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 01:12

PeerGintster to Bravehearted (#2)

To bravehearted

Regrettably the colleague was same grade as me.

One assumes her promotion is in the bag! LOts if people might think this is just part and parcel of working for a consultancy. Lately I've found myself wondering if I should continue with this firm?

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#5 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 01:17

PeerGintster to detoilet Consultant (#3)

To deltoilet.

Really appreciate the response. On the other hand, feel that there are some hidden meanings in your comment. Little bit worried that you are trying to say something I'm not seeing? Legalese is not my strong point, but if you think there is an issue, I love to know?

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#6 RE: Christmas party misbehaviour
14/12/2012 12:58

Evil Consultant to PeerGintster (#1)

Never put down to malice things which are much more likely to be incompetence! The person who let you know you hadn't made it might just have got it wrong, or someone resigned and you got bumped just over the line etc... etc... I very much doubt that you've inadvertently become a target; if that was the case you'd have not got the promotion and would have been looking at a verbal warning for poor performance in short order IMHO.

Hotel room swapping happens between consultants occasionally, more so after the Christmas pissup, so I wouldn't necessarily read too much into the fact that he's a partner and she's a consultant. There have been married couples at every employer I've ever worked at who hooked up while working there, and in all cases but one the man has been more senior of the two; the demographics of consultancies tend to make this the more probable combination.


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#7 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 15:03

PeerGintster to Evil Consultant (#6)

Thanks EC

Round 2 of this story has just occurred. Only an hour ago I found myself in a meeting with the lady in question. Leaving the meeting together she takes me aside and thanks me for "being chilled" about the other night and that she wants to say thank you by buying me a christmas drink after work. Lots of very confusing ideas in my head.

Advice me please....

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#8 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 15:37

baykus to PeerGintster (#7)

What do you need advice for? Whether it is ok for you to have a drink with a colleague?

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#9 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 15:45

pie to PeerGintster (#7)

Go drink!

(Have you learned nothing from House of Lies?)

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#10 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 15:50

Management_Ignored to pie (#9)

Just don't get her drunk and do the dirty with her.

Then you really will become a target.

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#11 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
14/12/2012 16:16

Tony Restell ( to Management_Ignored (#10)

Quite conceivably she's itching to have someone to talk to about what happened, has she screwed up (terrible pun, sorry), etc. If she has half a brain she'll think twice about talking to colleagues about it, but you're the perfect fit - you already know about it and you know the firm, so a great sounding board.

So go do what Marty Kaan would do and have a drink with her (stopping short of the other exploits he'd engage in!)


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#12 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
15/12/2012 00:36

Bravehearted to PeerGintster (#4)

Without sounding like a saint - Lord knows I've made incredibly bad judgement as well similar to this - but it's saddening to know that this sort of thing is actually the norm now as opposed to some consulting legend perpetuated by feminists and women in the city.

Hell, nail a partner or make it rain - thank your stars you saw her taking the walk of shame.

Stil, I'm taking lessons on being more of an optimist and less of a cynic and believeing in karmic justice so I'll go with what EC said re malice v competence.

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#13 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
17/12/2012 15:05

PeerGintster to Bravehearted (#12)

This is a little embarrassing, but I felt I owed it to close out the story. Really fantastic night with my colleague. Obviously some of her embarrassment had been down to the fact that she fancied me! Let's just say the night ended pretty well ( or didn't end....). Looks like the Marty K approach pays dividends!

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#14 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
17/12/2012 15:16

marsday to PeerGintster (#13)

This has been a heartwarming christmas.

I for one feel that chestnuts have been roasted.

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#15 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 11:18

Lady Henry to marsday (#14)

Oh man, does she know how the play the game!

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#16 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 11:38

marsday to Lady Henry (#15)

Peer maybe she was hedging with you. Either way this is all very good stuff and should be encouraged in xmas parties.

Sort of.

Maybe gently promoted.

Or not entirely discouraged.

Or not frowned upon.

Or maybe frowned upon but not stopped.

Or maybe frowned up but from a distance, like a thousand yard stare from HR.

Or something.

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#17 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 14:31

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#16)

Sniff, sniff... what's that smell?

Anyone know what that smell might be?

Oh I know, It's BS!

Next time however, please be more detailed and descriptive. "50 shades of consultancy" comes to mind. And you left out the bit about where she got a pearl necklace from your secret santa. Nice bit of entertainment though! :)

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#18 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 20:06

PeerGintster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#17)

Top comment marsday. Roasted Chestnuts - they certainly were! On the other hand, BEP comes across as jealous. Looks like he thinks only partners should get that level of benefits package? Looks to me like that "oder powerful man" think has a limited shelf life!

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#19 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 21:44

pie to PeerGintster (#18)

A happy, Love-Actually kind of epilogue, but still unaddressed is what was learned of what happened between the colleague and the partner in the hotel...

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#20 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
18/12/2012 23:23

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to pie (#19)

I could list about 15 reasons why I know this is obviously a work of fiction. But nonetheless, it makes for good reading! So, tell us more about this promiscuous female that you saw sneaking out of the partner's hotel room in her party dress and who subsequently seduced you too. What happened next at work? Be detailed and descriptive.

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#21 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
19/12/2012 12:10

PeerGintster to pie (#19)

Truth is I didn't ask! Re-enacting it seemed much more fun! Obviously I will not be providing detailed and descriptive commentary. Less chance of being identified. Lot more chance of a replay.

To BEP. Really? Only 15. Let's hear them. Love to have the benefit of a partners view on this.

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#22 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
20/12/2012 08:24

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to PeerGintster (#21)

No no no no no, we want the detailed and descriptive narrative first. 500 words minimum please. I have a train journey later today and need something to read which is less boring than work-related drivel.

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#23 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
20/12/2012 22:09

Rollercoaster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#22)

Sloppy seconds of a partner in an MC firm? If that was my Christmas present I'd turn into an extreme atheist!

But please, continue the story. Tell her you caught something and have an itch. Suggest that she should tell previous partners to ensure it isn't being spread around... You would be hoping she tells the partner before actually getting tested (Er - you hope!)

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#24 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
21/12/2012 15:02

PeerGintster to Rollercoaster (#23)

The only further details I'm willing to share are to re-answer an earlier question on the lady's grade and firm. Response following our encounter is that I can confirm that she is top-grade and very firm. Of course, if BEP would care to share details of his many partner conquests, then I might also share! Or one salacious detail every time BEP reveals each one of his "15 reasons" shy he thinks my recent experience is a "work of fiction"

Last word on the matter.

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#25 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
21/12/2012 15:09

DiamondSea to PeerGintster (#24)

PeerGintster, in the subsequent meet when she bought you a Christmas drink, I hope you put to good use the audio recorder that all those iPhones, Blackberries, Androids have. It's good to have an insurance policy.

Also, sleeping with a partner might be a way to avoid redundancy, not necessarily get a promotion. Or both at the same time.

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#26 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
22/12/2012 00:44

PeerGintster to DiamondSea (#25)

This was always more to do with providing some light ( and yes, salacious) entertainment than anything more intellectually highbrow.

Read the first letter of each paragraph of the original post, and also the first letter of each sentence of my subsequents responses; including this one.

Operational improvement consultants appear to continue to outnumber those with true intellect or a spark of independent thought on this forum.

Looking over old posts it was always the way.

Loved the fact that you wondered where I was, Marsaday, when truly I have always been here, in front of your nose.



Ps Pear says "hi"

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#27 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
31/12/2012 10:18

DiamondSea to PeerGintster (#26)

At least your nickname denotes some knowledge of good classical music : )

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#28 RE: Christmas part misbehaviour
02/01/2013 12:40

marsday to PeerGintster (#26)

Topical as always ZB. Whatever happened to Pear I wonder. At least he has sorted himself out. Trust in Pear I say.

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