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Scoop on Infosys...

#1 Scoop on Infosys...
05/12/2012 21:20



I am considering accepting or rejecting offer with Infosys at very senior level 6 figure plus base. I do not have much real information available to judge. I am intrested in knowing:

1) Work life balance

2) Actual bonus earned %

Please I have been in consulting for long time with likes of ACN, Deloittes, Cap's, PWC, Bain's and McKZ's

The Infosys offer and terms are much better then what above offers.

I am only intrested in honest, knowlegeble opinion and not hattered based against Indian providers.

Thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: Scoop on Infosys...
05/12/2012 21:45

TripleTwistTrump to justthefact (#1)

6 figure salary with experience at pretty much every big Consulting firm in the UK, such refined English and asking such a 'complicated' question on how good Infosys is?

It's pretty clear to me...dont think twice because I am sure you will fit in well so just go for it.


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#3 RE: Scoop on Infosys...
05/12/2012 23:54

UKCONTRACTOR to TripleTwistTrump (#2)

Are they hiring you as UK Managing Director or what? if not then don't join!!

6 figure base at very senior level!! Wow!! Don't you think every other consulting you named pay 6 figure base to their most senior managers so clearly you are working at or below manager level in those consulting companies.

Having worked with 6 leading consulting companies and assuming if you stayed an average of 2 years with each of them tells us you have minimum of 12 years experience.

damn it in 12 years you could only make to manager level despite of changing 6 companies!! So you are just an average consultant...

Now on infosys...I was offered the same base few months back and after 3 rounds I dumped them due to they asking me to come to europe for final round but not paying for my travel expenses.

Why do you want to work for those cash poor companies who will fight to their death and will try to save every possible penny out of your business expenses after you join them!!

Why do you want to have the likes of Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc. on your CV after working for those BIG Names!!

I just laughed when you mentioned their terms are much better than above!! Have you ever worked during weekends when working for the other 6 companies? Welcome to work like imbalance should you decide to join them!!

Bonus!!!!!!! If you manage to live in reasonably acceptable hotels and travel in reasonable class when on business assignments than that's your bonus!!


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#4 RE: Scoop on Infosys...
06/12/2012 12:03

baykus to justthefact (#1)

You worked for (6?) consulting firms "for long time", including Bain's and McKZ's (sic), but you:

a) don't have information on Infosys

b) don't even understand the differences between all these firms you're mentioning at a high level

c) think that a 6 figure salary is "very senior"

If you didn't BS about your background you might get some useful advice.

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#5 RE: Scoop on Infosys...
06/12/2012 15:15

marsday to justthefact (#1)

you are in fact some sort of dont need to worry about Infosys, just work out whether to use your superconsulting powers for good or evil, maybe decide on a costume.

Seriously OP I've seen profiles coming close to this, and the individuals concerned have been formidably impressive. But nothing like this. Either you are a troll or we have all misunderstood your post..

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#6 RE: Scoop on Infosys...
10/12/2012 10:57

Evil Consultant to justthefact (#1)

Adding an "apostrophe s" to the end of consultancies' names is sometimes seen as a shibboleth. It marks you as being someone from outside the industry, who has only worked with these firms in the role of a client (or as someone who is not from the UK.)

Also, having worked at a few places myself (including an Indian-owned company) the Ts&Cs of Western-owned companies tend to be much better.


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