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Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?

#1 Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 20:33


Hi all,

I've just been through the interview process for a consulting role in a Big 4 consultancy - specifically the strategy practice.

I've just received a phone call indicating they will be making me an offer by the end of the week. HOWEVER the offer is going to be at consultant level (I was hoping for senior consultant).

My first question - is this an appropriate level for my background or are they trying it on (as I've heard they will sometimes try to do)?

My background:

Grad scheme at one of the big UK banks, 3 years in the public sector including managing a team of eight for the last year. Obviously not a consulting background but with some transferable skills (analysis, project management, presenting etc).

2.1 degree from a good uni.

My second question - what salary offer can I expect (obviously I will find out the actual offer in a few days so this question not so crucial)?

Glassdoor seems to suggest a a range of about 37-50k for consultant band. Would I be able to negotiate towards the top of this band?

I am happy to receive an offer and appreciate that I don't have consulting experience. However I had hoped my experience would count for something. Also a consultant salary would only be a small rise in income and would come with the extra hours and smaller pension after leaving the public sector!

Thanks for the help.

I have some big decisions ahead...

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#2 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 21:25

baykus to Consulting... (#1)

You weren't lowballed, consultant is just about right for your experience. It takes 2 years to make consultant, so I don't understand what you're so upset about. Expectations for senior consultants are a lot higher, and most people who do come in directly as SCs tend to have a difficult time and fail.

The salary range is more like 37-45.

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#3 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 21:45

TripleTwistTrump to Consulting... (#1)

3 years experience expecting a Senior Consultant offer is really not becoming and not the industry norm unless the company found you amazing and made such an offer.....take the time and learn the ropes to enjoy the Consulting role and then make the move to SC


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#4 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 21:58

Consulting... to TripleTwistTrump (#3)

Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses - don't worry I'm not upset by the offer, just giving it a quick sense check. I'm not sure why this is un-becoming?

The reason I though SC was on the cards was because there was some discussion around this level at the interviews and because my industry experience is directly relevant.

I wonder if you might have any other advice for someone considering entering the consulting industry?

TTT - I think your point on enjoying the consultant role and learning the ropes is a good one. One of the positives about the offer is that I should be able to do this without as much pressure as there may be at the SC grade.


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#5 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 22:05

abc123 to Consulting... (#4)

Hm. I guess it's about right given you're not coming from a consulting background.

To give you something to compare to, I am just moving from Accenture to Big 4 as Consultant with 21 months experience, and that feels right for me.

My friend is moving from insurance to big 4 with just over 2 years experience and going in at Consultant also.

My thoughts? Aim for the top end of the salary band and hold £45K as your minimum.

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#6 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 22:17

Consulting... to abc123 (#5)

Abc - thanks this all sounds like good advice.

I've been in the workplace now for 5 years, a two year grad scheme and then three years in the public sector. Sounds like not quite enough for SC with the lack of consulting background.

I guess the other reason I wanted to join as SC was because this would allow me to specialise (I have a background in healthcare policy).

How have you found your time in the industry so far?

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#7 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
04/12/2012 22:21

abc123 to Consulting... (#6)

It's fair to say I enjoy consulting, otherwise I guess I wouldn't be moving from one consultancy to another? Then again, the money is very nice. There are a lot of cynics on this forum (and rightfully so) but for me consulting has been a great place to start my career, lots of very varied experience, opportunities to travel, and I've worked with some very bright people.

On the other hand, there's a lot of sucking up to cope with, an incredible amount of competition between colleagues, and not always that much time to actually live your life outside of work!

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#8 RE: Big4 advice needed - Low-balled?
05/12/2012 12:17

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to abc123 (#7)

£50K after 3 years experience in the public sector. My goodness. I'm in the wrong line of business!

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