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ACN Chicago vs NYC

#1 ACN Chicago vs NYC
28/11/2012 05:25



I'm a new analyst in ACN's Tech Consulting group, based in the Chicago office. I did my BS and MS in Information Systems at a top Eng school before joining the firm.

During the interview process, I was told there was openings in the NY office but upon positive results from my final interview I was told that NY positions were now filled. Since I was very happy with the group I would be working in, I took the position anyway, and joined the office closest to NYC except for DC(to avoid federal).

However, I am disappointed that I have technically 'moved' to Chicago and feel I've taken a pay-cut. All without actually needing to be in Chicago since I travel Mon-Thr anyway. Plus - I'm actually from NJ so the position requires me to move and get an apartment. In NY I could actually just stay at home.

Glassdoor Salaries:


New York City),9_IL.10,23_IM615.htm?filter.jobTitleFTS=technology+consulting+analyst

Now, I do currently earn the NYC average, but I'm not sure if that's because I have a MS instead of just BS. Would I have earned more had I been based in NYC? If so - how should I go about trying to transfer, and with that transfer - make sure that I could get an appropriate raise to match the location?

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#2 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
28/11/2012 17:07

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Golden (#1)

Chicago Town Pizza.

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#3 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
28/11/2012 17:36

marsday to Golden (#1)

So let's get this straight..

you have just joined Accenture, nominally in Chicago but you dont need to be there anyway, and are on the NY average. Now what looks to be more or less immediately you want to transfer to NY because otherwise you'll have to find somewhere to live and cant just stay at home.

Have I understood correctly?

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#4 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
28/11/2012 17:46

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#3)

Ehhh, what is it lately with people wanting to live in one place and be based in another and then work in yet another?

Oh I know, I live in London so I think I'll join the Australia office and ask to work in Texas!

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#5 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
29/11/2012 00:36

Golden to marsday (#3)

Marsday -

You're very close. I am nominally in Chicago.I am earning ~1k below NYC average. I'm assuming that I am close to NYC average only because I have a Masters. That's one thing I'd like to confirm with this board.

Assuming my assumption is correct, a transfer to the NYC office would result in two benefits:

1) Decrease in cost of living, since I don't need my own place anyway.

2) Increase in salary to match an NYC analyst WITH an Masters' Degree.

I am certain of benefit #1, I'd appreciate some of this forum's thoughts on whether #2 is true.

Also, it'd be helpful to know how I could go about doing a transfer in such a way that ensured the salary would be changed to match the region + qualification.

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#6 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
29/11/2012 08:27

marsday to Golden (#5)

Golden you also run the risk of being tagged 'diffcult' or 'trouble maker' etc - it's not what they want to see, looking to move the goalposts as soon as you have joined. As an Analyst you are in a precarious position - you really do need to just knuckle down and get on with it as the situation is now. Focus on the medium term - it's a great opportunity, you are happy with the group itself, it's just not perfect in location currently.

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#7 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
29/11/2012 09:18

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#6)

LOL!! I just googled it and Chicago is 800 MILES from NYC!!!

Unbelievable, you took a job 800 MILES from where you actually want to work??!!

Well, they do say America is a crazy crazy place.

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#8 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
29/11/2012 13:34

Mr Cool to Golden (#5)


You're looking at this all wrong. You should be looking at doubling your salary in the next 3-5 years. You won't do that by allowing an extra 1k or proximity to your mummy and daddy drive your decisions.

Ignore these paltry insignificant issues. Which location will put you on a project that allows you to outshine your peers and make Manager in half the time?

You're only just out of school. You have absolutely nothing to offer your firm except energy and enthusiasm. Make sure both of these are channeled appropriately.

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#9 RE: ACN Chicago vs NYC
30/11/2012 21:36

Golden to Mr Cool (#8)

Marsday, you're right - perhaps I would be bringing myself unwanted attention. I'll definitely consider that.

Mr. Cool

That was probably what I need to hear. Even if I'm sure we're talking about more than $1k/yr (atleast 4k with MS) in the big picture there's much more potential and I should just focus on that. I had considered this view before... but said 'There's no reason I can't focus on both'

Nevertheless, its healthier to just focus on the positive. Your post was very enlightening. Thanks.

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