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#1 exit
21/08/2012 10:44


last day at my company today by 'mutual agreement' with nothing lined up, so wont be contributing for a while.

All the best to everyone on here.

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#2 RE: exit
22/08/2012 02:39

Tony Restell ( to marsday (#1)

Sorry to hear that Mars - though may well work out for the best in the long run.

Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to bounce around ideas for next steps.

Tony Restell

Founder - and

Tel: 0207 667 6880

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#3 RE: exit
23/08/2012 19:22

Babbleboss to Tony Restell ( (#2)

Sorry Mars,

Lots going on so hopefully you will land on your feet soon. I know a lot of people in the same boat - leaving a certain ship. If it is the same one ... ;-) then it may come as some consolation that as I know some of the people personally and some of the people surviving on the ship...

It is the good people that are going. The ones that can get jobs are saying "hell ya" and taking the money. It is not much. Just barely over the legal minimum. I am watching with interest as one by one they are getting newer and better jobs.

Oh the irony of how badly the company is damaging itself. The levers will not be looking back fondly after the way they were treated...

All the BEST - onwards and upwards!

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#4 RE: exit
04/09/2012 16:36

unizm1980 to marsday (#1)

I'm so sorry to hear that it is your last day. Hope you can find a new career path soon. Best of luck.

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#5 RE: exit
04/09/2012 21:36

Topcat to Tony Restell ( (#2)

What's happening?

Good luck !

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#6 RE: exit
23/10/2012 17:25

marsday to Topcat (#5)

I thought I would revist this and update before Bushy Eyebrow Partner desicates my already fairly lean frame with a scathing (if very funny) rebuke for tardiness.

The simple truth is I fell for the sell - not an uncommon mistake and one I presume many on here have suffered the consequences of. I joined a company which wanted to utilise my experience in senior talent search, my relationships, and subject matter knowledge (such as it is, I'm not arrogant enough to call myself Expert on this forum). They assured me they had relationships with major banks, major consulting firms, ambitious growth plans supported by realistic projections of new business, a team to build etc etc etc. Reality was their 'relationships' largely consisted of being told to jog on by many of the organisations they purported to partner with, turnover was around 100% in the time I was there, their work almost entirely focused in junior hires, and their mentality one of being slaves to KPI reports which in fact were nothing more than a means to ensure a constant rotating door of raw graduates never really understood when or how they would ever make any bonus.

Frankly I was glad to get out.

As I began to relax in my local 'KFC', wondering where the Maitre D was and wht the wine list looked to consist almost entirely of suspect vegetable derivative liquids which in practice tasted surprisingly pleasant, I looked out over the estate, gestured to the help to stop improvising car maintenance through some manner of weight loss strategy of removing wheels (surely flawed as a plan but well intentioned I am sure) I could feel the weight of the world lift from pinstriped shoulders.

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#7 RE: exit
23/08/2015 19:27

Topcat to marsday (#6)

Any update?

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#8 RE: exit
24/08/2015 11:38

Greg Andrews to marsday (#6)

Well Mars, it looks like an ideal entry point to start your own firm and beat the cr*p out of the competition with ease. You have all the capabilities and relationships as foundations and now the 'steam' to get you started. Also there might be plenty of folks around here to give you business I guess?

There are so many terrible recruitards around, so both client / candidate sides are in a great need of middlemen with backbone and a long-term lookout instead of the masses chasing those KPIs / sales targets with tunnel vision, alienating clients & candidates for good.

I'm not so sure that in your position finding a firm with high enough standards would be easier than just starting your own. For a less experienced guy it would be for sure. (guys, chime in for this point please)

At times when e.g. a 30-something experienced recruiter just drops a perfect match case in a difficult assignment (senior position to fill a 'Fast 100' small startup) after a little scheduling issue at the second round of personal interviews and throws a fit like a 5 yo little girl, you can make a killing in this market with one hand tied behind your back.

It's unfortunate but nowadays - unless the paperwork comprehensively reflects the situation that makes you join a firm - the same thing happens everywhere. I've a friend who got duped like you a few times in a row, couple of Blue chip FMCGs then PA Con. He learned his lesson eventually. (Note, that the stupidity of the hiring side increases exponentially after every short-term move thus not reasonably expected, but the desperation & stupidity of those hiring managers combined was just unreal. Although the jury is still out on PA...)

Plus there are niches where suboptimal asset allocation is the standard today, and with a little effort a lot of - maybe a bit passive - candidates can be placed at least a full level up.

However you proceed, best of luck!

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#9 RE: exit
24/08/2015 12:19

marsday to Greg Andrews (#8)

Well as Topcat resurrected this thread, I'll update on what happened.

I moved on. And up. I'm now a Director in a rapidly growing search firm, part of the management function and developing teams across the business as well as running my own search team. Loving it. It's been nearly 2 years here now and I've seen the company, and myself, develop beyond recognition. Going out on my own was an option I did consider, and was more or less set on that direction until I met the company I'm with now.

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#10 RE: exit
24/08/2015 12:46

Greg Andrews to marsday (#9)

Oops sorry. Only checked the date of the last and first posts and missed the year part. My bad. Although it looks like I wasn't far with the point then, LoL

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