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Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?

#1 Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?
13/02/2005 04:35


I have been lucky and gotten offers to study for an MBA at Imperial, Bath and Southampton. I am not sure which offer to take up, as all these uni's have good and bad points. The MBA course at Imperial and Bath have an excellent reputation but are very expensive around 22-24k. Southampton's MBA is not as reputable but is about half the price than the MBA at Imperial and Bath. Since I am self-funding money is a consideration, however I want to be able to land a job after my MBA so going to a better university may make that much more easier. Any advice on this matter is wanted!

Thank you!

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#2 Re: Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?
13/02/2005 16:35

A consultant

Bath and Imperial are better thought of than Southampton hence the difference in price. It is best when studying for an MBA to go to the highest ranked school. You will be introduced to a stronger network and the reputation will open doors for you.

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#3 Re: Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?
19/02/2005 08:04

D Eiloart

I've never heard of an MBA programme at Bath or Southampton so must assume they are new and therefore not well established. Imperial has had the MBA for some years but lags behind LBS (obviously), Warwick, Oxford, Cranfield. Try Cranfield for the same cash.

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#4 Re: Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?
24/02/2005 13:18


Imperial is ranked higher than Warwick, Cranfield and Cass. They have a lot of momentum behind them (jumping 22 places in this year's FT rankings) and their executive MBA is now in the global top ten.

You definitely have to go for rankings over anything else because that's simply what employers look at. Imperial seems to be heading for the "big league" status.

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#5 Re: Imperial, Bath or Southampton ?
24/02/2005 22:14

Good luck with your choice

Business people that look at the rankings will see Bath and Imperial as global top 100 schools. Bath in fact is one, if not the, most established MBA courses in the UK. The whole environment is priceless. It performs consistently well regardless of the year.

Imperial is clearly another top school and their strengths in disciplines like science and technology also help them to compete with the best business courses, as does it's proximity to the business world in London.

An MBA is a valuable career investment that needs adequate funding until you realise the returns, so the most expensive is not necessarily the best. However neither central London nor the centres of Bath are really cheap places to live, particularly off-campus. Have you thought about earning fees whilst on the course? This can be achieved at schools like Bath, through an external consultancy project, even if you are self-funded initially. This is possibly easier to achieve now than it was in the downturn. Whatever you decide keep an open mind - useful as they are, many people in the business world are in fact less focussed on the rankings than many politicians may have you think. The best choice is the choice that is right for you. Thanks for asking us!

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