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Big 4 offer: No formal offer of employment?

#1 Big 4 offer: No formal offer of employment?
20/06/2012 12:12



I have recently passed the final interview with one of the Big 4 consulting practices, and have already received emails confirming that I will soon be receiving a formal offer of employment.

This is now 2 weeks ago, and I am yet to receive any more than just a confirmation email saying they'll be in touch.

As much as I'd like to take things easy now, I am somewhat worried that places will fill up in that particular practice and that I'll end up having to choose a different position. Such cases have been reported with that particular firm.

I have been in touch to ask, but have never gotten a concrete answer.

1. Would you say such a delay is normal?

2. Are my worries justified?

3. How do you reckon should I proceed?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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#2 RE: Big 4 offer: No formal offer of employment?
20/06/2012 15:20

Tony Restell ( to UKGrad (#1)

UKGrad - the Big 4 (and similar) firms got really burnt in the post dotcom downturn, they'd not taken their foot off the gas in terms of hiring and so had to make a lot of people redundant. Their employer images were tarnished for several years thereafter.

As a consequence, they've been very quick to react to changes in the economic climate ever since. The financial crisis in 2008 was swiftly followed by a curtailing of graduate hiring - and a programme of delaying the start dates of those grads they had already made offers to.

The period since then has really been characterised by the firms turning the hiring taps back on and off again as a function of the prevailing market sentiment. Given the uncertainty arising from recent developments in the Eurozone, I wouldn't be at all surprised if firms are reappraising their willingness to commit to graduate hires and are stalling on making hiring commitments and / or reassessing the start dates they can commit to.

On a positive note, I therefore would say this behaviour is likely to be entirely a function of market uncertainty - and caution on the part of the firm - rather than any cooling off in terms of their interest in you personally. I'm not in frequent contact with the consultancies regarding their grad hiring as we focus mostly on experienced hires, so this is just my informed opinion. If I were in your shoes, I think I'd be inclined to approach the firm and address the elephant in the room. Say you can understand their caution in issuing offers for the current year and could you propose proceeding with a contract for a delayed start date a year later. I suspect there'd be a decent chance of this being accepted and you could then join the firm / practice you've set your sights on - and concentrate on finding something fun to do with the intervening year.

Hope this is helpful.

Tony Restell

Founder - and

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#3 RE: Big 4 offer: No formal offer of employment?
27/06/2012 14:45

FemaleConsultant to UKGrad (#1)


Big4 is quite known for slow administrative processing of job offers. You should not worry, the offer will arrive for sure.

If you need a fast answer due to other potentially pending decisions, it would be perfectly fine to give the HR departement a call. I would avoid calling the consultants who had the interviews with you - it is not their job to work on your contract. Once they give a 'go' for the offer, it is in the hands of the HR specialists to draft a contract.

Good luck!

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#4 RE: Big 4 offer: No formal offer of employment?
28/06/2012 00:36

UKGrad to FemaleConsultant (#3)

Thanks for everyone's responses. I have by now received a formal offer, the delay turned out to be due to a technical fault (which would have gone unnoticed if I hadn't taken the initiative)

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