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Who to choose?

#1 Who to choose?
12/05/2012 08:53


Hello again.

Some of you may remember me from a previous post regarding placements. I now possess an offer with Allianz Insurance in their IT department AND one for Kantar Worldpanel in operations (market analyst). I just just wondering which one will put me in a better position when applying for consultancy firms upon graduation with firms such as the big 4, Accenture, IBM, PA, OW, and so on.

The insurance company will provide a slightly higher salary and work revolves around business analysis and project management, with loads of room to get involved in either one; whilst the placement with Kantar is in a fixed area and they have admitted it will be fairy repetitive (Pretty much analyzing data and creating reports for big big clients i.e. coca cola).

Not sure if this matters but the Kantar placement will be in London and the insurance firm is located just outside of London. Also, both placements are a year long and I will be returning to university after completion.

Need help choosing which one to do now!

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#2 RE: Who to choose?
12/05/2012 14:04

SenorMick to Undergrad123 (#1)

I'd say the IT insurance one. It sounds like it has a more recognisable and arguably valuable (in junior consulting) skill set and hence easier exit options. It's possible the other role will provide better exit options (e.g strategy firms, more 'commercially focused' consulting roles) but it is higher risk and you'll need longer in that role and probably some

progression before any move. More info on that role needed to better judge.

I'm assuming from your post you are targeting consulting outside of IT. In which case try and make the move after 2-3 years for the best chance of selling those PM and business analysis skills across to other areas, without getting stuck in an IT niche.

That said, don't knock the IT niche too quickly. Most transformation has a significant IT element and I'd say it's easier to build credible expertise with clients in consulting...if you can stand it. (I say this as someone from a different consulting niche).

Good luck

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#3 RE: Who to choose?
15/05/2012 13:08

Undergrad123 to SenorMick (#2)

Thank you for your advice! Anyone else like to provide some insight?

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#4 RE: Who to choose?
15/05/2012 20:24

Anon66 to Undergrad123 (#3)

Dear Undergrad,

My main piece of advice is to develop greater clarity in the role you are looking for after graduation. With the information you provide it is impossible to answer your question.

As SenorMick points out Kantar offers a commercial perspective, which might be highly valued by some consultancies and less so by others. Allianz offers consultant-esque skills, albeit with a less commercial focus. Both have positive and negative aspects.

I do recruitment for one of the mid-sized strategy firms. I would personally prefer Kantar. The market insight would make you more deployable, whilst the more commercial nature of the role would be a better indicator of a strategic mindset. However, we do lots of cases in consumer goods and few in IT. I can see someone with a larger IT footprint making precisely the opposite call for equally valid reasons. I do not know what you are looking for or how your background fits with consultancy so it is difficult to advise.

Hopefully that is helpful.

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#5 RE: Who to choose?
16/05/2012 10:10

Mr Cool to Anon66 (#4)

Anon66 - three paragraphs to say that you don’t have enough data to offer any advice? Are you sure you're not a management consultant?


Undergrad123 - The Kantar position may well be slightly more attractive if (BIG IF) you intend to target strategy consulting after graduating. HOWEVER - to do so, you need to be already studying at a target school (see other posts for the MBB target schools) AND on class for a first (with AAB minimum at A-level).

If you are not already in that band then a short stint at a market analysis firm is unlikely to catapult you into the MBB (or lookalike) target population.

If you are targeting Big4 or similar then the project management experience will be a major diffentiator (assuming a decent 2:1 is also achieved) when applying as a grad. It is something very few other applicants will be able to offer.

If you are targeting IT (Cap, Accenture, etc) then the IT experience will be preferable for the same reason.

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#6 RE: Who to choose?
31/05/2012 13:12

unizm1980 to Undergrad123 (#1)

It would be hard to decide for you. My advice is to follow your heart. Evaluate first in which company do you think you will learn more. And, which job will improve your skill that will be useful for your dream job.

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#7 RE: Who to choose?
31/05/2012 21:24

Anon66 to Mr Cool (#5)

Haha - I am a consultant. I meant I support recruitment :-)

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#8 RE: Who to choose?
08/06/2012 11:53

confianzyscom to Anon66 (#7)

Bajaj Allianz is a leading financial company i think you should take this offer.

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