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Moving from accountancy to consulting

#1 Moving from accountancy to consulting
07/05/2012 18:12


Hi guys,

I'm due to qualify as a chartered accountant in August this year. I've been working in a reasonably small accounting practice (20 employees or so) for my 3 years practical work experience. Beyond this I'm more interested in the possibilty of moving into the consulting industry for a bit more excitement and challenge in my work. I've got a first class masters in accounting and a first class business and accounting undergraduate degree. They are from an Institute of Technology in the Republic of Ireland but carried the strongest accounting exemptions in the ROI. Both also covered strategic management in alot of detail. I realise management consultancy is a broad field and not sure where exactly I'd fit in.

Does anyone know of anyone who's made the switch or the likelihood that the likes of Accenture and Capgemini would even consider my application? I would also much rather move to the UK to work in the industry.

Thanks for any replies, much appreciated.

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#2 RE: Moving from accountancy to consulting
09/05/2012 15:08

marsday to fintan (#1)

unlikely Acn or Cap would see much relevance in your background as it is. One option would be to try and get into one of the big 'tier 2' advisory/accounting firms (Grant Thornton, BDO, Mazars, Baker Tilly etc) and then move across into their advisory practices which are very similar to Big 4 type work. From there you could then look to move either around assurance work, or into more finance transformation, tax consulting etc depending on where your interests lie.

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#3 RE: Moving from accountancy to consulting
18/05/2012 16:56

fintan to marsday (#2)

Yeah from what I've read on here that I'm soon to qualify is really irrelevant. I think getting into the advisory side of the bigger accounting firms is the best route for me to go. Thanks for the reply

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#4 RE: Moving from accountancy to consulting
24/05/2012 23:54

toms1000 to fintan (#3)


I think lots of consulting firms would find your qualifications and experience attractive, whether that's for their financial services practices, being able to produce the financial aspect of a business case for a (ie how it will make or save a firm money), or being able to speak to the client about their company's finances.

I'd also consider going to work for a Bank as an internal consultant; there are lots of big projects dealing with how to implement all the new regulations of the last few years. These cover all the usual project components (systems, processes, organisation..). I moved to a Bank after years working as a consultant, and I have no regrets; the pay is the same or better and I don't have to travel each week (I do appreciate what I learnt in a consulting firm though). If you want to investigate this try searching for 'finance change' in

Good luck


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#5 RE: Moving from accountancy to consulting
13/06/2012 13:10

FemaleConsultant to fintan (#1)


I do know somebody who has made a move like this, so apparently it is possible.

In general you would need to have a very good reason and apply to a relevant department, such as one focused on specific industry (depending on the industry you were serving as accountant) or finance-related functional area (the case I am talking about has made a move from accounting to M&A department of a consultancy).

I think your chances would be quite low if you are considering strategy consulting, though.

Best of luck!

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