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Moving on help..

#1 Moving on help..
10/04/2012 17:50



I've been a management consultant (financial services, commodities, energy, risk management) for 4 ish years and currently work for a tier 2 firm. I've finally had enough of the long days, late nights and hellish travelling. I think it's about time to get out and enjoy the delights of industry i.e. less hours and travelling ;-)

I've spoken to a few headhunters etc, but i also want to get things moving from my side. In particular, i have a few questions to the community:

1) For those at 'got out' at my level, did you regret that decision? (Even if you took less money)

2) Should i bring my desire to leave to my managers & partners? They always claim they'd be supportive of such a decision and would help place disgruntled consultants.

3) Is it ever a good idea to leave before securing a new role? - currently struggling to find time to actually attend interviews!

4) Should i temper my salary expectations? I.e. should i expect to earn less, given my experience, in industry?

5) Can anyone recommend good job websites they've had success with? I'd rather take a focused approach rather than a scatter shot

Any advice is very much appreciated.



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#2 RE: Moving on help..
10/04/2012 17:59

marsday to rama (#1)

in your area of expertise you wont in fact earn less by moving to industry (possibly you'll earn more) if in fact you mean to exit into commodities/trading businesses - but be cautious and most of the major programmes tend to be contract driven.

I would suggest a simple strategy - compile a list of the commodities or energy trading businesses you would like to work at (perhaps rework this according to your specific area so if you are working in openlink for risk for example, some research into who is using endur etc). Once you have a list get your CV out to a some of your less preferred companies, see what happens, then target the ones you really want.

the biggest hurdle in moving from MC to industry is often in motivation - less hours/travel etc just puts you in the position where you can be pushed down on compensation or makes the hiring manager question how interested you really are (as opposed to feeling burnt out); better to state you want end to end ownership of solutions/projects etc.

whether you mention this to your partners is questionable - better to use your company alumnus - look on linkedin etc and find those who were at your firm and where they went, ask for a referral etc. Some MCs play the happy alumni card very well indeed, others not at all.

finally if you are struggling to get time to attend interviews, set yourself an objective at which point you consider you have sufficient assurance to leave e.g if you get 10 interviews scheduled you could leave. you would always have contract roles to fall back on for a while if it took some time to secure something.

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