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PRTM Management Consultants careers

#1 PRTM Management Consultants careers
06/04/2012 08:57

The Top-Consultant Team

This thread will provide a wealth of information about consulting careers at PRTM Management Consultants and PRTM Management Consultants jobs to candidates looking for new consultancy opportunities.

In producing the recently published Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (see:, we have amassed company profiles for 189 consulting employers. As many of the discussions started on the forum revolve around what it is like to work at different firms, we thought we'd create anchor threads for the firms we have profiles for, to create a place where readers can share additional information about consulting jobs and careers at each of these firms - in this case PRTM Management Consultants careers.

Below is copied the profile information about PRTM Management Consultants. If you know of other sources of information about careers at PRTM Management Consultants, or can provide your own insights of working or interviewing there, or can add anything else constructive for people searching the site for information about them - please reply to this thread and add your input. We'll roll this out to lots of consulting employers over the coming weeks and hopefully can create a great repository of information about consulting employers like PRTM Management Consultants.

For more information on consulting firms and career options within consulting, download your free copy of the Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms:

1. Name of consulting firm

PRTM Management Consultants

2. About our company

Since 1976, PRTM has created a competitive advantage for its clients by changing the way companies operate globally. The firm is a leader in operational strategy, supply chain, product development, and customer value management. PRTM’s management consultants work with senior executives to develop and implement innovative operational strategies that deliver breakthrough results. With over 600 consultants and 18 offices worldwide, PRTM serves all major industry and global public sectors. PRTM helps global corporations drive revenue and growth. Our focus is to create dramatic improvements in economic performance through operations. PRTM has delivered over $300 billion in shareholder value for its clients over the last decade. Our management consultants are experienced in devising and implementing operational strategies that span a client’s entire value network, including suppliers, regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders. PRTM delivers the highest returns to its clients by applying its industry and operational expertise to fundamental management challenges: sustaining innovation, delivering value consistently to customers, and increasing profitability.

3. Types of clients we serve

PRTM serves large private sector organisations that are typically major global players, as well as government organisations

4. Types of recruitment we are most likely to be undertaking in the next 18 months

Milkround recruiting (i.e. university finalists)

MBA campus recruiting

Experienced hire recruiting

5. When candidates choose to join our firm it is usually because

we place an extraordinary emphasis on creating and sustaining innovation, teamwork, relationships, and excellence in all our project work. We also strongly believe in the fundamental importance of balancing work and personal lives. Furthermore PRTM is a meritocracy where people are rewarded for their demonstrated abilities and proven track record of delivering innovative, breakthrough results for our clients. Candidates are attracted to PRTM because they can utilise their previous backgrounds and enhance their skills in operational strategy, supply chain, product development, and customer value management.

6. Locations of our UK office(s)


7. Weblinks with career details of our firm

To learn more about PRTM and to apply visit:

8. Key contact details

PRTM 15 Adam Street, London, WC2N 6AH

Tel: +44 20 7010 8585

9. Areas of practice where we have a strong market presence



Energy & Utilities

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Public Sector

Retail/Consumer Goods

Telecoms, Media & Entertainment


10. Types of consulting work our firm is most heavily engaged in

Business Transformation/Change Management


11. Awards won in the last 2 years

#15 in Consulting Magazine’s 2010 best firms to work for #10 in Vault’s Consulting 50

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#2 RE: PRTM Management Consultants careers
06/04/2012 13:58

peter to The Top-Consultant Team (#1)


PRTM is now part of PwC. Is the recruitment handled separately for PRTM?


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#3 RE: PRTM Management Consultants careers
07/04/2012 17:21

Corona to peter (#2)

No, it's through

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#4 RE: PRTM Management Consultants careers
13/04/2012 13:06

ToM Definition to The Top-Consultant Team (#1)

This information is around a year out of date... they actually moved to the PwC office at More London in September...

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#5 RE: PRTM Management Consultants careers
12/05/2012 17:08

shruga to ToM Definition (#4)

I have applied to PwC recently in the PRTM practice and will be having my interviews very soon. Has anyone gone through the recruitment process for PRTM ? Wish to have a chat sometime.

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