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V4 Services jobs

#1 V4 Services jobs
01/03/2012 09:15

The Top-Consultant Team

This thread will provide a wealth of information about consulting careers at V4 Services and V4 Services consulting jobs to candidates looking for new consultancy opportunities.

In producing the recently published Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (see:, we have amassed company profiles for 189 consulting employers. As many of the discussions started on the forum revolve around what it is like to work at different firms, we thought we'd create anchor threads for the firms we have profiles for, to create a place where readers can share additional information about consulting jobs and careers at each of these firms - in this case V4 Services jobs.

Below is copied the profile information about V4 Services. If you know of other sources of information about careers at V4 Services, or can provide your own insights of working or interviewing there, or can add anything else constructive for people searching the site for information about them - please reply to this thread and add your input. We'll roll this out to lots of consulting employers over the coming weeks and hopefully can create a great repository of information about consulting employers like V4 Services.

For more information on consulting firms and career options within consulting, download your free copy of the Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms:

1. Name of consulting firm

V4 Services

2. About our company

V4 Services works in partnership with the public sector (local government and health) managing and delivering cost reduction solutions to meet our client’s financial challenges. V4 is UK-based with four offices and a workforce of 70+. Our core services include: Commercial Procurement – as a managed service or in response to organisational needs Capital programme/project management and management of town regeneration schemes as the client’s primary contact Management and delivery of whole council cost reduction programmes or individual change projects Leisure and culture services including: strategic outsourcing for non-statutory services, establishment of trusts etc Provision of professional/interim resources to meet client needs

3. Types of clients we serve

We specialise in public sector, with a particular strength in the local government arena. We work collaboratively with other public sector organisations including: NHS, police, fire and rescue service and the third sector.

4. Types of recruitment we are most likely to be undertaking in the next 18 months

Milkround recruiting (i.e. university finalists)

Experienced hire recruiting

5. When candidates choose to join our firm it is usually because

Their ability to really get involved in a wide variety of programmes and projects and join a company with a reputation for delivery.

6. Locations of our UK office(s)

Aylesbury London Peterborough Stafford

7. Weblinks with career details of our firm

8. Key contact details

9. Areas of practice where we have a strong market presence

Public Sector

10. Types of consulting work our firm is most heavily engaged in

Business Process Improvement

Business Transformation/Change Management


Project/Programme Management


11. Awards won in the last 2 years

We have achieved the following awards for our work in partnership with our clients:

• Government Business Awards 2011:

• – Woking Borough Council – Commended ‘Local Government Procurement’ category V4 has been managing Woking Borough Council’s procurement since October 2009.

•– Peterborough City Council – Winner ‘Revenue Generation’ category. As Peterborough’s ‘transformation delivery partner’, there are a number of projects which have generated income for the council including: trading services with other public bodies, running an internal agency pool of staff negating the need to buy-in, which have contributed to this award.

• Crème de la Crème Business Awards 2011 – Outstanding Public Sector Procurement Winner: Peterborough City Council. V4 has been Peterborough City Council’s ‘transformation delivery partner’ over the past four years and is on target to achieve £48m cumulative savings by March 2011. Our Commercial Hub model is just one of 80+ projects which have been implemented within the council to drive financial savings alongside improved operational, environmental and social performance. Commenting on the Award, Simon Burgess, Chairman of the Judges said: ‘With the public sector facing harsh cutbacks they need to work smarter and deliver more for less. To help achieve this, the best possible procurement process needs to be in place and Peterborough City Council have gone to great lengths to ensure that this is the case. With savings of over £6 million being delivered directly through the implementation of procurement best practices the Council is putting procurement at the centre to drive commercial decisions. An example for many to follow.’

• Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, Supply Management Awards 2010 Peterborough City Council shortlisted for ‘Best Cross-Functional Teamwork’ category. The procurement team has been managed by V4 since 2006.

• MJ Awards 2010, Environmental Innovation in Waste Collection Achievement of the Year, Finalist Peterborough City Council V4 provided client-side leadership and management of the council’s Integrated Waste 2020 Strategy.

• Government Business Awards 2010, Procurement Category – ‘Winner’ Peterborough City Council Commercial Procurement Unit managed by V4 since 2006

• LGC Awards 2010 – ‘Finalist’ Peterborough City Council for the ‘Efficiency and Transformational Government’ category

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