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Cold Walk-In

#1 Cold Walk-In
28/02/2012 19:36


Greetings gentlemen and ladies,

I am an undergraduate student in Texas studying economics (with relatively low GPA). Anyways,

I really want to have either a part time job or an internship at a consulting firm (public and/or business consulting) mainly to enhance my experience (because I have none so far).

I've recently tried cold calling and cold emailing many firms in the local area for any opportunities but I have failed thus far. So I'm planning on just straight up walking into some of these firms and pretty much ask for a part time job/internship.

My gameplan: wear a suit, enter the building, smile and sell. Good Idea?

P.S. The firms range from mid-high to mid range.

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#2 RE: Cold Walk-In
29/02/2012 09:14

Arby the Manager to madman (#1)

Nice idea, but probably works better in films than in reality. You'll be met with a receptionist who is most likely to ask whether you have an appointment and, if so, then who with? When you mention that you are looking for casual work they will say something like "please apply on our website" or "please follow the standard process". Unfortunately the bigger the firm, the more likely this "process driven" reply will be given...

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#3 RE: Cold Walk-In
29/02/2012 09:51

baykus to madman (#1)


You have two (non mutually-exclusive) options:

1) Fix whatever it is that's making you not get interviews - your GPA, wording/format of your CV, lack of experience in anything, whatever

2) Network like hell

P.S. Consulting firms don't hire undergrads into part-time positions, and internships are generally more competitive than full time positions.

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#4 RE: Cold Walk-In
29/02/2012 11:01

Mr Cool to madman (#1)

I suggest you take all of your excess energy and time and use it to improve your GPA. 99% of firms (consultancies and otherwise) will use academic results as the very first filter for getting rid of the excess applications they get for an increasingly limited number of jobs. No amount of practical experience (and certainly not some part-time/intern work) will make up for this.

If you feel you are unable intellectually to greatly increase your GPA then you are very unlikely to make it into consultancy anyway. A much better use of your time would therefore be to get the best paid sales job you can, or use the time to start you own business - you have nothing to lose.

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#5 RE: Cold Walk-In
29/02/2012 11:55

marsday to madman (#1)

this is one step up from emailing random managers saying 'I am job for your esteemed company'. With a low GPA your chances are low to nil unfortunately. TO be honest (and hopefully helpful) as the others have said you need to focus on getting your GPA up significantly - frankly you dont have time for a p/t job or an internship on this basis if you want jobs which place a strong academic performance as central to their screening process.

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#6 RE: Cold Walk-In
01/03/2012 13:59

I to marsday (#5)

Depends on the firm really. I have a friend working for a Private Equity (<15 people) with a casual work environment. He told me a very well dressed guy came in to hand over his CV. Everyone in my friend's team were impresssed and they interviewed him despite there being no job openings.

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#7 RE: Cold Walk-In
01/03/2012 14:25

marsday to I (#6)

nice cheerful example on PE but its a different point - PE houses are generally small, and actually more directly approachable than most consulting firms - you've only got a receptionist to deal with at best. I'm not disputing that someone CAN simply rock up with a CV and get an interview - the low GPA would make it a bit pointless in most MC firms anyway, and a small PE firm is no comparison to a multinational MC.

But point taken - this casual approach might work better with small companies.

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