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Careers at Hudson & Yorke

#1 Careers at Hudson & Yorke
04/10/2011 07:51

The Top-Consultant Team

This thread will provide a wealth of information about careers at Hudson & Yorke to candidates looking for a new consulting job.

In producing the recently published Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (see:, we have amassed company profiles for 189 consulting employers. As many of the discussions started on the forum revolve around what it is like to work at different firms, we thought we'd create anchor threads for the firms we have profiles for, to create a place where readers can share additional information about consulting jobs and careers at each of these firms - in this case careers at Hudson & Yorke.

Below is copied the profile information about Hudson & Yorke. If you know of other sources of information about Hudson & Yorke consulting jobs, or can provide your own insights of working or interviewing there, or can add anything else constructive for people searching the site for information about them - please reply to this thread and add your input. We'll roll this out to lots of consulting employers over the coming weeks and hopefully can create a great repository of information about consulting employers like Hudson & Yorke.

For more information on consulting firms and career options within consulting, download your free copy of the Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms:

1. Name of consulting firm

Hudson & Yorke

2. About our company

Hudson & Yorke is an international management consultancy focused on delivering strategic and commercial benefits to our clients in the specialist area of communications technology.

Hudson & Yorke was established in 2006 with a mission to create and build a specialist independent consulting brand. The founding members of the business recognised a market need to help the large enterprise achieve business beneit through best-of-breed sourcing and transformation speciically relating to communications technology. In a crowded consulting services market with a proliferation of generalist IT players and sourcing advisors, the specialist needs of clients with complex telecommunications and network services requirements are overlooked by the wider consulting market. Not only does this account for 20% of the IT total cost of ownership of any large organisation but it is also an environment characterised by rapid technological innovation. At Hudson & Yorke we understand better than anyone how this should be integrated into the IT operating and sourcing models of our clients.

We boast an entrepreneurial work ethic and our people are true leaders in their field. We are flexible and agile and put the client at the forefront of everything we do. Our collaborative approach is relected in our loyal client base.

3. Types of clients we serve

Hudson & Yorke helps organisations to succeed in achieving their business priorities. Our clients are large enterprises, typically FTSE 100 and Global 500 corporations and public sector organisations. They have complex national and international requirements for communications technology, high levels of annual expenditure and sophisticated commercial arrangements.

We focus on delivering strategic and commercial benefits to our clients through the use of communications technology. We deliver business beneits such as increased profitability, customer experience enhancement, improved supply chain and operational efficiency, improved employee productivity, increased flexibility and agility and improved governance effectiveness.

4. Types of recruitment we are most likely to be undertaking in the next 18 months

Experienced hire recruiting

5. When candidates choose to join our firm it is usually because

…throughout the recruitment process they have come to understand that our commitment to our people is real and have seen and heard evidence of how we invest in our team to enable us all to be the best at what we do. As a specialist, independent consultancy the contribution of each member of our team can – and does – make a difference. The absence of bureaucracy and politics in our team environment enables our consultants to dedicate their time offering our clients the freedom to succeed. As a team, we enjoy what we do and share a passion for our chosen field of expertise. We are innovative, entrepreneurial and positive in our approach and work hard to deliver an exceptional service to our clients. We have a vibrant team culture and we actively encourage individual lair and creativity. Our team supports each other professionally and personally and we value and respect each other’s contributions and ideas. We provide inspiring and effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, competitive rewards and beneits and a people-centric culture where fun and lexibility ensure that once you’ve joined us, you don’t want to leave. We encourage and support a healthy work-life balance, which we know is essential to the continued well being of all our people. We also believe that it is important to enjoy working together, so we regularly bring our team together at our social events. We make working at Hudson & Yorke an energising and professionally fulfilling experience.

6. Locations of our UK office(s)


7. Weblinks with career details of our firm

For current opportunities, please see

8. Key contact details

You are welcome to contact us with your enquiry. Hudson & Yorke Limited, 31 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HJ. Call: +44 20 3008 5737; Email:

9. Areas of practice where we have a strong market presence

Energy & Utilities

Financial Services (Retail Financial Services focus)

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Public Sector

Retail/Consumer Goods

10. Types of consulting work our firm is most heavily engaged in

IT Consulting



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