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Alexander Proudfoot careers

#1 Alexander Proudfoot careers
29/09/2011 14:11

The Top-Consultant Team

This thread will provide a wealth of information about careers at Alexander Proudfoot and Alexander Proudfoot consulting jobs to candidates looking for a new consultancy job.

In producing the recently published Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (see:, we have amassed company profiles for 189 consulting employers. As many of the discussions started on the forum revolve around what it is like to work at different firms, we thought we'd create anchor threads for the firms we have profiles for, to create a place where readers can share additional information about consulting jobs and careers at each of these firms - in this case careers at Alexander Proudfoot.

Below is copied the profile information about Alexander Proudfoot. If you know of other sources of information about Alexander Proudfoot consulting jobs, or can provide your own insights of working or interviewing there, or can add anything else constructive for people searching the site for information about them - please reply to this thread and add your input. We'll roll this out to lots of consulting employers over the coming weeks and hopefully can create a great repository of information about consulting employers like Alexander Proudfoot.

For more information on consulting firms and career options within consulting, download your free copy of the Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms:

1. Name of consulting firm

Alexander Proudfoot

2. About our company

We design and implement programmes to help chief executives run their businesses more effectively. With a focus on execution, we enable them to achieve their growth targets, revenue and profit goals with greater speed, predictability and control. With our head office in Atlanta, USA, we have offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt as well as in South Africa, Canada and Brazil. Alexander Proudfoot was founded in Chicago in 1946. With greater depth and breadth of expertise, we are one of the world’s leaders in operational improvement.

3. Types of clients we serve

Our clients span all industries and geographies and include BHP Billiton, Sara Lee, Total, Kerry, Airbus, Thyssen Krupp, Müller, UK Coal and American Express.

4. Types of recruitment we are most likely to be undertaking in the next 18 months

Experienced hire recruiting

5. When candidates choose to join our firm it is usually because

They are attracted by the opportunity to work daily with talented, driven colleagues who are as supportive as they are eager to succeed. They join Alexander Proudfoot as we offer the chance for them to expand their knowledge and stretch their capabilities in ways they have never imagined They join as we offer unlimited opportunities for growth.

6. Locations of our UK office(s)

10 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RB

7. Weblinks with career details of our firm

8. Key contact details

10 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RB. Robert Henderson – Head of Recruitment

Tel: +44 20 7710 5100

9. Areas of practice where we have a strong market presence



Energy & Utilities

Financial Services (Retail Financial Services focus)

Financial Services (Investment Banking/Capital Markets focus)

Retail/Consumer Goods

Telecoms, Media & Entertainment


10. Types of consulting work our firm is most heavily engaged in

Business Process Improvement

Business Transformation/Change Management

Project/Programme Management

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