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Consulting jobs at Boxwood

#1 Consulting jobs at Boxwood
13/09/2011 12:56

The Top-Consultant Team

In producing the recently published Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms (see:, we have amassed company profiles for 189 consulting employers. As many of the discussions started on the forum revolve around what it is like to work at different firms, we thought we'd create anchor threads for the firms we have profiles for, to create a place where readers can share additional information about careers at each of these firms - in this case consulting jobs at Boxwood.

Below is copied the profile information about Boxwood. If you know of other sources of information about consultancy careers at Boxwood, or can provide your own insights of working or interviewing there, or can add anything else constructive for people searching the site for information about them - please reply to this thread and add your input. We'll roll this out to lots of consulting employers over the coming weeks and hopefully can create a great repository of information about consulting employers like Boxwood.

For more information on consulting firms and career options within consulting, download your free copy of the Definitive Guide to UK Consulting Firms:

1. Name of consulting firm


2. About our company

Boxwood is an award-winning consultancy with a reputation for delivering lasting and tangible results using a grounded and powerful approach. In fact, in 2011 we won three MCA awards – ‘Change in the Private Sector’, ‘Operational Performance in the Private Sector’, and Overall Platinum Award. This is a small measure of the success of our people in consistently delivering our promise to our clients.

We think we are different to most and the people we work with think so too. Our culture is open and supportive and we encourage continuous growth in every sense of the word. We are a close knit company, comprised of exceptional and truly interesting people, led by strong values. Our people are obsessive about results delivery and passionate about building client capability and value. We do what we say we will – when we say we will, achieving unreasonable results and growth at pace. We have so much more to accomplish and improve which makes it all the more exciting.

3. Types of clients we serve

At Boxwood, we partner with ambitious Chief Executives and their teams to deliver what others might regard as unreasonable improvements in business performance. Our work is typically transformational – in terms of top line growth, operational effectiveness and sustainable improvements in profit. Our successes have been achieved across a number of sectors and industry groupings and with organisations of all sizes.

4. Types of recruitment we are most likely to be undertaking in the next 18 months

MBA campus recruiting

Experienced hire recruiting

5. When candidates choose to join our firm it is usually because

they are keen to work across a variety of industries on diverse projects, within a supportive environment which allows them to be in control of their own career, and impact the growth and culture of their workplace.

6. Locations of our UK office(s)

London – with projects across the UK.

7. Weblinks with career details of our firm

8. Key contact details

15 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EF . Adil Khan, Director of People Development: Tel: +44 (0)20 3170 7240

9. Areas of practice where we have a strong market presence



Energy & Utilities

Financial Services (Retail Financial Services focus)

Financial Services (Investment Banking/Capital Markets focus)

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Public Sector

Retail/Consumer Goods

Telecoms, Media & Entertainment


10. Types of consulting work our firm is most heavily engaged in

Business Process Improvement

Business Transformation/Change Management

IT Consulting


Project/Programme Management



11. Awards won in the last 2 years

MCA 2011: Operational Performance in the Private Sector; Trader Media Group Change Management in the Private Sector; Overall Platinum award: Carphone Warehouse MCA 2010: ‘Best Small Firm in the UK’

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