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Postgraduate needs your help

#1 Postgraduate needs your help
08/09/2011 06:40


Hello, everyone.

I really want to work in the MC industry. I have a first-class degree in International Business Economics from the University of Nottingham and I'm currently studying at LSE.

However, since I don't have a lot of relevant experiences, I did not even pass my CV review. Can someone kind enough to give me some advice? If possible, for those already working in this industry, to give me a referal so I can land some internship opportunities? I promise I will work as hard as I can and I won't ruin your reputation as a referee.

Thank you very much.

Nikko Chou

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#2 RE: Postgraduate needs your help
08/09/2011 13:11

baykus to nikko224 (#1)

Nikko - a referral will probably not do much if your CV/cover letter isn't in order. Based on your academic background you should be a viable candidate (assuming your grades are in order).

You need to figure out how to relate your experience to what's relevant for consulting. That's what everyone applying for an analyst position does. Search around, take a look at some good CVs, and then put a lot of work to getting your CV ready. For someone new, this is in all honesty ~1-2 month of work. Not full time, of course, but 1 week to do your research, 1 week for first draft, then leave and reiterate again an again. Send to your friends, careers service, anyone you can find for review, and reiterate.

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#3 RE: Postgraduate needs your help
09/09/2011 07:11

nikko224 to baykus (#2)

Thank you very much, Baykus. I will do the things you suggested.

A quick question though: since I don't have any internships or work experiences relating to management consultancy. What should I do? And what kind of experiences are we talking about? Can you give me an example? Thanks a million!

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#4 RE: Postgraduate needs your help
09/09/2011 14:29

baykus to nikko224 (#3)

Nikko, I'm not sure whether you're just confused on how to relate your experience, or you just haven't even bothered reading up so far.

Go to McKinsey's careers page. Or any other consultancy for that matter. There's usually a page with the title "What we look for". For McK, it says leadership, achieving etc.

Have you run a student club/society? That's leadership. So is organising an event for a society, running a fundraising event, organising a field trip, whatever.

Frankly, you've got to use your intelligence to figure out how your experience so far shows your achievement along the dimensions consultancies look for.

If you've really done nothing whatsoever other than attend classes all your life, or you have but after applying yourself you can't figure out how to put it in a CV, you will have problems getting in, and rightly so.

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#5 RE: Postgraduate needs your help
09/09/2011 15:28

nikko224 to baykus (#4)

Thank you, baykus. I really appreciate your help.

I totally understand now. I'm sorry you have to explain to me again. I'm really sorry.

Your advice is more than helpful. I will start to work on my CV according to your suggestion.

Again, really sorry for the inconvenience.

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#6 RE: Postgraduate needs your help
09/09/2011 16:00

baykus to nikko224 (#5)

No need to apologise - you were clearly just confused, and I wasn't trying to shoot you down.

Everyone has to learn how to write a CV at some point, and it's a lot of work until you get the hang of it. Do your research and put in the effort. And don't be afraid to ask more questions after that. You should have a good chance.

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