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Accenture or ATOS Consulting

#1 Accenture or ATOS Consulting
10/08/2011 19:10


Hey All

I have been offered consultant roles at Accenture & ATOS Consulting - both within the business strategy area! Hopefully aligned to manufacturing as per my experience!!

Really interested in which firm people think I should join?

I'm 30 and this will be first role within a Consultancy.

ATOS Consulting seem to be doing huge recruitment and have a growing reputation but heard negative things in the past! Accenture seems to be very well thought of but maybe not at the lower levels!



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#2 RE: Accenture or ATOS Consulting
10/08/2011 20:12

The Professor to Sm01 (#1)

Hmmm. One arguably features amongst the world's most recognised consulting brands; has been reporting stellar financial results and hiring more or less uninterrupted throughout the downturn. Oh and will be a recognised and respected brandname on your CV wherever you might choose to turn in years to come.

The other has had disjointed ownership over the last decade, more or less disappeared off the radar as a consulting brand for a while (try googling news about the two to see the gulf in their stature) and is just now trying to get re-established.

This is a no-brainer unless the offers you've received are miles apart and causing you to have second thoughts, or the promise of fast-track promotion is being dangled before your eyes and seems like a credible upside to offset the above...

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#3 RE: Accenture or ATOS Consulting
10/08/2011 23:06

Sm01 to The Professor (#2)

Thanks Professor - very good points.

Totally agree with all the positives re: Accenture.

ATOS has been sold with some rapid career progression allied with some spiel around 'trying to become no.1' IT services firm through recruitment, buying Siemens IT etc etc

I was just interested to hear if this viewpoint is shared accrues the forum - could I be joining a growing company with a genuine chance of fast tracking my career or is this just another example of disjointed ownership and they are no longer a serious player.

It is rather a confusing time - Accenture is a brilliant opportunity and ATOS is a bit unknown.

If ATOS will not improve the CV as you mention below then I think the decision has been made easier



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#4 RE: Accenture or ATOS Consulting
11/08/2011 00:45

baykus to Sm01 (#3)

It's not confusing AT ALL.

Accenture is in a different league to ATOS. The breadth of work, training, and exit options are hugely better.

As for the "career fast track", I'm surprised by how many people take in this BS used by so many mediocre firms "in their growth phase". All the best firms offer the same fast track; if you perform well you can make it through the grades fast. Not rocket science.

Of course at the better firms you'll be competing against higher calibre colleagues. If you just want a fancy title as a big fish in a small bowl, without having challenged yourself or learned as much as you could, then go for it.

And I'll say it right now: ATOS has no chance to "become no.1' IT services firm" in the next decade. Just... no.

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#5 RE: Accenture or ATOS Consulting
11/08/2011 00:55

Sm01 to baykus (#4)

baykus - thanks for your comments.

I guess I am just trying to figure out why so many people seem to be joining ATOS at the moment - is there a big opportunity or are the standards lower and by result the quality of client engagements I would be expected to work on?

Accenture seems a clear winner - especially with people (off & on forum) stating that ATOS will not benefit CV and improve exit options.

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#6 RE: Accenture or ATOS Consulting
11/08/2011 16:43

na1804 to Sm01 (#1)


I will appreciate it if you please tell me how long after your assesment day you got the offer and if you don't me can I please know the salary range that they offered?

I have been invited for assesment next week.


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