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accenture ratings..

#1 accenture ratings..
18/07/2011 17:23


i just got my ratings communicated from my manager and i got a "below average".

i did everything really good but he comes back with comments like you are defensive when asked about work etc...

is there anything i can do to get my ratings changed?

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#2 RE: accenture ratings..
18/07/2011 17:37

Mr Cool to tommys (#1)

This is either a very amusing and clever troll...


a short career ahead of you...

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#3 RE: accenture ratings..
18/07/2011 18:15

tommys to Mr Cool (#2)

i am not kidding..i am serious!

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#4 RE: accenture ratings..
19/07/2011 13:02

Mr Cool to tommys (#3)

I’m sure there will be a current acn person who can advise you on the mechanics of requesting a review of your appraisal rating, but I’d suggest you need to step back and consider where you are.

The reason for my disbelief is that your post would be fantastically funny if it was a script from The Office/In the Loop/etc.

Manager: “So Tommy, although much of you output is perfectly acceptable, the main problem is that you don’t seem to accept the validity of challenge or constructive feedback as part of the firm’s review and assurance activity. If you can’t accept embrace the need for peer and manager assessment of your working methods then I have to mark you as below average”

You: “Hmm – is there a way I can challenge that?” (yes I know you probably didn’t actually say that to your manager, but you’re thinking it.)

Normal part of working life at an MC (or a bank or any other big professional firm) is the need to accept that your work will be “challenged”, even when you have the right answer. This is to ensure that you did not just “fluke” the answer, and also to ensure you didn’t have any “near misses” along the way that would have cost you company had they been more than a near miss. They’re checking your process, not just the output.

STRONG consultants LOVE this. For them it is an opportunity to show off. Personally I like nothing better than standing in front a bunch of bank MD’s while they challenge all my assumptions and plans, with me providing answer after answer until they get to the point where they’re trying to pick me up on day rates of an individual PMO that we’re taking on in six months time.

Of course SUPER-STRONG consultants always swallow their pride and let the review panel make one mild and unimportant critique, even though they had thought of it themselves. It leaves the review body feeling that they’ve done their job, adding to the rigour of a plan clearly created by a competent person.

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#5 RE: accenture ratings..
28/08/2011 20:48

Dublinconsultant to Mr Cool (#4)

Hi Tommys

Did you have any joy with your rating information since you posted? Was this rating the full FY11 'end of year' rating or just for an individual period?

Typically an end of year rating is the average of the two performance periods for example H1 rating = consistent + H2 rating = consistent, EQUALs end of year rating = consistent.

Typically my view is that our ratings are fair, but often harsh and very dependent on peer group etc. I have seen people come out with 'below' who were definately stronger than others but may not have had the loudest or most influencial people representing them.

Would be interested to hear more as to your level, and what part of ACN you are working in? Also did they put the rating down to the 'forced distribution at the curve' or was it due to an area of developmental feedback they felt was reasonably substantial and therefore brought you to a below position compared to peers?

Your career counsellor should be talking you through all of the above.

There is a process whereby you can 'appeal' a rating but my view is that this would be an unfruitful and career limiting move. The reality is once a decision is made leadership will stand by it as it would be a poor reflection on them otherwise.

Do not be too disheartened, it is a point in time rating and a numbers game. Some of the most talented and inspiring leaders I have worked for told me they had come out with poor ratings in their career.

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