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British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...

#1 British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...
16/07/2011 13:40


I am British citizen ( was born in London ) living In Egypt now since 2008 ( also Egyptian citizen ) , my family are in Egypt, I have no Home in England, I am looking for job in England.

I am Electrical Engineer in Computer and Embedded Systems, also in Research and development.

What is my chance of finding job in UK, with just phone interview that the face to face interview will cost me much to travel back to UK?

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#2 RE: British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...
16/07/2011 14:56

GoodFella to aelwakeil (#1)

estimate cost= Flight Tickets + Accomodation + Local Transportation + misc. (food+others)

For details look up these costs online.

I have been through an identical experience, and know a dozen people with similar experiences, practically speaking, your chances all close none.

Its big step and it requires some investment, you could do initial job market probing through the internet to find out if there are opportunities that meet your qualifications, the expected salary and job requirements, but you have to be in the country at the when applying.

Recruitment process in UK takes some time, an average a month, for big companies (Tier-1 consulting) it averages to 2+/-months and may easily extend to 3+ months plus in companies like IBM.

Phone interviews are for pre-screening, you would usually have a face to face interview after that, before going into an assessment center. Moving from one stage to another would require at least week. So assuming you have one application and that will be successful you need to be traveling twice, staying in hotels for a couple of days overall costs is close to renting a studio for a month.

You dont want to put all your eggs in one basket in a single application, so you typically apply in more than one company and then it would be even harder to arrange you will be have different application at different stages and all would require you to around at different times.

If you go after smaller companies through recruiters which is the common practice as its less competitive for someone entering the UK job market most recruiters would not even consider your CV if you dont have a UK address and phone number.

you would need to arrange an accommodation and finances for at least a month without a job and it may even extend to 3months. You could share an appartment or rent a studio and there are many websites for room sharing, this way you would minimize your expenses until you land job.

Definitely there are exceptions to what I've said but it's better to be safe than sorry and good luck with your search.

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#3 RE: British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...
16/07/2011 15:09

aelwakeil to GoodFella (#2)

I had many recruiters call me in Egypt (many of them say that phone interview is enough) but got no interview in three month now.

I can really pay my 1st month or 1st and 2nd months of salary to get job there, specially Electronics or Embedded Systems job, is that acceptable idea or encouraging idea,where to get someone accept it?.

I know if i leave Egypt and stay in England I can get good number of Interviews because the market are open in that field (Electronics), but I can't gamble and leave my job now in Egypt and stay in England even if the salary is small in Egypt Cairo, because I have to support my family while I am away.

It is really complicated, how to convince clients (companies that offer a job) that I can be very good for that job even if I am applying from Egypt.

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#4 RE: British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...
16/07/2011 15:48

GoodFella to aelwakeil (#3)

1. Recruiters calls are not really an accurate indicator.

2. Nothing in life is for sure, if you want to progress you must be willing to take calculated risks rather than stay in your comfort zone, in your other considerations apply as you have a family to support.

3. If you do not have previous work experience in UK most likely your biggest obstacle wouldnt be your technical skills, probably it will the soft skills and work culture.

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#5 RE: British, living in Egypt, Looking for work in England...
16/07/2011 17:01

aelwakeil to GoodFella (#4)

I have been previously working in the UK form 02/2008 – 03/2009 as a Software Development Engineer in starting company doing film productions - London, UK came back because of the world economic crisis and the company were doing very small business.

I don't have any problem with soft skills and maybe little bit working culture.

Little numbers. the trip will cost me about 20,000 EGP == 2200 GBP

I earn about 5000 EGP a month ( me + my wife + pension) before expenses - how can I save money for travel and leave money for my family and also i will lose 2,000 EGP my salary

a Very hard equation to solve.

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