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American Pie

#1 American Pie
09/07/2011 21:20


Hey Gang,

Soon to be starting up in Strat Con at a Big4 firm. I know its unlikely, but is it at least possible for me to haggle a move with the firm over to the US after 3 or 4 years? Am i correct in asusming an MBA will improve these chances? Particularly one done on their side of the pond?


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#2 RE: American Pie
11/07/2011 04:39

Gunslinger to domski (#1)

Yes, an MBA will help your chances, but not as much as how effectively you start up the gig with the Big 4.

The american market is, and will be 5+ yrs out a very specialised one. That is, its going to be tough to be a generalist there- have specific skills and market those select employers directly. Focus is critical over there. Its probably a good idea to get the big 4 to transfer you over there- much easier than striking out on your own.

As for the MBA- yeah, id do it..but only from a good university. More and more senior positions over there ask for the MBA thesedays- especially the business devt type jobs.

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#3 RE: American Pie
11/07/2011 11:16

domski to Gunslinger (#2)

Thanks for the reply!

When you speak of finding a specialism, I take it you refer to choice of industry?

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#4 RE: American Pie
11/07/2011 15:34

Arby the Manager to domski (#3)

At the risk of being too un-cool for the strat-cons / ponds / haggle "gang" here....

Your international transfer potential is purely based upon:

(1) Business requirements / Suitability - i.e. do they need your skills over there?

(2) International connections - i.e. do you know anyone in the office who can sponsor you?

(3) Long-term Potential in the Company - i.e. you are not a muppet and they want to keep you

Also I should add speaking English fluently is a must - which seems to rule you out...

I would more focus upon developing your internal network rather than seeing an MBA as a means to simply transferring. An MBA is a major investment - a transfer is all about who you know....

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#5 RE: American Pie
12/07/2011 00:34

Gunslinger to domski (#3)

Specialisation= industry expertise as well as functional expertise.

Need to focus and brand yourself as, say, a PM in the Real Estate Insudtry.

Ofcourse they need to have the need for you, but the US is such a large market, there is just about anything over there - it will take a lot of patience though, as they are still struggling on the jobs front.

The above poster said that connections are important. I would say that this is the most important factor in getting a job over there.

Indeed, most mba programs heavily sell their connections ( alumni, contacts with hiring managers, companies that do on-campus recruitment etc). This , to this day, is one of the prime reasons why one does an MBA: the connections you get open doors. Hence why its so important to do one from a reputed university as their networks are usually better ( size, quality, variety).

One more thing: US companies are very reluctant to even look at candidates that require any sort of visa sponsorship. And why not- there are many US candidates on the market who obviously dont require it ( and are usually almost/just as good), and the paperwork, lawyers fees, and hassle to file with US dept of Labor just aint worth it. Hence again, having someone pull you through is extremely important.

Make sure that, if you do an MBA, then do your research upfront- have alumni gone to the US, is the career services dept helpful in this regard, are the companies recruiting open to US positions etc...If your end goal is to work in the US of A, then you need to plan your activities to get there with focus and persistence. Even in a best case scenario, it will take months.

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