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Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting

#1 Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
23/06/2011 15:49


Hi everyone,

I am looking for some guidance from anyone who is in consulting role. I am currently working for public sector in IT and Asset Management, my previous role was in private sector infrastructure company as IT manager and I have a Masters in Information systems design and Bachelors in Software engineering. I have had plenty of experience working on various IT projects (in house), from mobilisation to testing, user training, implementation etc but I find it so hard to get an entry into consulting role. Is it really that tight market I mean I have already got 7+years experience and probably could add value to someone's business more than a young graduate out of school?

If you could guide me what I should do or follow which would give me an entry to consulting firm, that would be great as I have realised that I can only go so much high up in other businesses as IT roles are limited but in consulting or IT firm I might be able to achieve more. If you would like to have a quick look at my cv, please drop me a line.

While I am looking for more information, I came across a thread where it says most of the Management Consultants are just "powerpoint technicians" Is that true? What about "technical consultants"? As I would like to be one, and believe in delivering the product.

Thank you for reading.


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#2 RE: Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
23/06/2011 17:59

baykus to catcher (#1)

Which companies have you applied to? The market is picking up and things shouldn't be that difficult.

As a first guess, I suspect you may not be marketing yourself right. Your technical skills will be valued in IT consulting, but at your experience level you'll need to display the non-technical skills expected of a consultant in your CV too. Am I on to smt here?

As for the powerpoint thing; Management Consultants work in powerpoint; IT consultants build and deliver stuff (and a lot of people who put MC on their resume aren't really)

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#3 RE: Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
28/06/2011 12:13

catcher to baykus (#2)

Hi Baykus,

I have applied to a few like Deloitte, Accenture, kalypso, Chaucer, BCG etc but haven't been successful. I think you are right may be I am not reflecting my skills according to consulting market as I have no prior experience of applying to any of these companies. Would you be able to point to the right direction for writing a Consultant CV as so far I have been writing my cv for management positions.

Please let me know and thank you for replying.



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#4 RE: Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
29/06/2011 16:42

baykus to catcher (#3)

You applied for a hodgepodge of companies - BCG has nothing to do with your IT background, for example. Deloitte and Accenture, on the other hand, would have been among the best firms you could aim for. It's a pity you applied without doing your homework.

There are quite a few sites that contain sample resumes for late entrants into consulting - google is your friend.

Beyond that, I'd suggest reading up on what IT consultants do, the skills companies look for (many will clearly state this on their recruitment sites), and then you can figure out how you can add value / how to portray it in your CV. Think initiative, teamwork, leadership etc.

Noone is going to tell you in detail how to get into consulting (not for free anyway), and the reason is that doing research, understanding what the "client" wants and selling your relevant experience are core skills for a consultant - not just tickboxes for an interview.

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#5 RE: Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
27/08/2011 11:15

Weelee to catcher (#1)

Don't be disheartened. I made the switch and have found my experience highly beneficial. Name check tecnichal competencies but emphasise your soft skills as these seem to be the factors that are held up when evidencing you adding value. Being able to walk the divide between technology and business is seen as a real asset.

Don't focus too much in the 'what' descriptions of your role but rather 'how'. In hindsight i probably provided just enough to get the interview but once there spent time translating my cv for the interviewer. Have entirely revamped it on the basis of that discussion..

Best of luck!

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#6 RE: Tranistion from Public/Private sector to Consulting
27/08/2011 13:12

Chipzilla to Weelee (#5)

What kind of consulting would you like to get into anyway? IT consulting? Or general management consulting (strategy, supply chain, change, marketing etc.)? From the list you applied to this doesn't seem quite clear.

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