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BT to consulting

#1 BT to consulting
21/06/2011 18:02


Hi guys,

I've been working at BT for 4 years (since university) and am now looking to move into a consultancy firm. I've held a number of project/change manager roles in both technical and non-technical programmes.

I've had a good time and think I've been paid relatively well, but am looking for a new challenge. I have a sound knowledge of telecomms, but would be equally interested in a more general Technology practice.

I'd assume BT doesn't have a particularly strong rep with consulting firms, but a large number of my colleagues have made similar moves, so I know it's not out of reach. I've had a look around the forum and I seem to be comparable in experience to a C2 level at somewhere like Deloitte, although the salary doesn't quite stack up.

Is C2 (or equiv) the right sort of level?

Alternatively, would anybody recommend I stay longer in my current role to try and move across as a SC at a later stage?

Not looking to make a big gain in financial terms, but would be wary of taking a pay cut.

Many thanks in advance and apologies for the rambling


Few details:

Education: 2:1 in Management at a Red brick (nothing exciting)

Work Experience 4 years (2 year grad scheme plus 2 more)

Total comp: c£51,000 (£42,000 salary, £4,800 car allowance and £4,200 OTB)

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#2 RE: BT to consulting
29/06/2011 20:04

Corona to Corona (#1)


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#3 RE: BT to consulting
01/07/2011 12:09

Tony Restell ( to Corona (#1)

Corona - I wouldn't assume BT's brand is not going to have appeal in the market. As a consulting brand they're less well known amongst potential hires than the major consulting brands for sure. But Partners at the big brands you aspire to join will be aware of the types of engagements BT have worked on and their recruitment teams will be equally well informed.

In terms of timing for a move, if you are on the brink of being promoted where you are then you might want to secure that promotion before trying to move. But if promotion is some way off then you're probably just as likely to achieve this with another employer as you are by staying put - and you may secure a pay rise or promotion in the process of moving (a recruitment consultant will advise you better on the prospects of this).

Your strongest suit will be to try and get hired on the strength of your telecoms knowledge. Keep in mind that hiring has picked up very dramatically across the consulting industry but almost all firms are hiring to fill specific openings rather than undertaking generic practice-build hiring (as we saw pre-2009). Hence you stand the greatest chance of being hired by being the most experienced candidate for a telecoms role than by being an enthusiastic but less qualified candidate for a technology role. Keep in mind that once you're employed within one of the major consulting brands, it's usually quite feasible to be staffed across varying projects - so this is just a question of maximising your chances of getting into such a firm rather than consigning yourself to pure telecoms for good.

Hope this helps and all the best with your progressing your career

Tony Restell

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#4 RE: BT to consulting
02/07/2011 00:40

Corona to Tony Restell ( (#3)

Thanks for the lengthy reply Tony - much appreciated.

Would anybody be able to comment on the level they would expect me to come in as and the associated salary? Am I right at C2/C3 and if so, how much more experience for Senior Consultant?

Many thanks,


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