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Need some info/advice on Accenture offer

#1 Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
14/06/2011 10:55


Hello there,

I have currently undergone the recruitment process at Accenture(ACN). There were 3 rounds of interview & the last round happened last week. On the same day, I received an email from HR saying that the outcome was +ve & they would be making me an offer. But the HR said that I would get the offer letter only after background check process is complete.

My queries:

1. Firstly, Can anyone please provide some information on the organisation/role hierarchy at the Technology Solutions division of ACN? Just a rough idea of various roles would be helpful. I tried to research on ACN's website but without any success.

2. Approximately how long does it take for the background check to complete given the fact that I had already submitted the documents & initiated the process one week back? As per HR, it would take 2 - 3 weeks from now.

Also, how much influence does the outcome of this process have on ACN's decision making me an offer?

Could anyone please provide some insights on above points, as there are chances that I may end up with offer from another company before getting the offer letter from ACN. Any information on above points will help me in making an informed decision.

Thanks in advance!

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#2 RE: Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
14/06/2011 15:18

AXN to Ross_81 (#1)

Congratulation Ross for getting up to this with ACN.

Can you be more specific about Technology Solution division? SAP or Oracle? Also, did you have Consultancy exp before and how many years of total exp?

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#3 RE: Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
15/06/2011 01:54

Ross_81 to AXN (#2)

Thanks AXN!

I'm from Java/J2EE background. Yes, I have mainly worked for consultancies before & have an overall exp of 7 yrs in the IT field.

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#4 RE: Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
16/06/2011 23:06

AXN to Ross_81 (#3)

I expect them to offer you Consultant C3 position with 56-60k pay. I could be wrong on pay though.

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#5 RE: Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
23/06/2011 11:37

arun1uk to AXN (#4)

I recently received an offer from ACN, but turned them down for a number of reasons.

I'd push to go in at C3 level.

C1 level is approx £38k

C2 level is approx £42k

C3 level is approx £52k

These are all the minimum amounts they will offer for each grade. I was offered a C2 at £46k, but there is no bonus or car allowance, which isn't of the reasons I declined the offer.

The big step up is at Manager level (M1, M2, M3), which starts at £68k, with a bonus and £6k car allowance. They keep the real benefits at that level to increase competition at the lower levels, and to encourage their resources to succeed.

Their overall package is very good; 30 days holiday (exc bank holidays), discounted share prices, double contributory pension, healthcare, 75hrs L&D/yr.

Your questions;

1. see above

2. 2 weeks should be enough

Good luck!

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#6 RE: Need some info/advice on Accenture offer
23/06/2011 13:59

baykus to arun1uk (#5)

Ross - if you're applying for Tech Solutions the grades and salaries arun1uk quoted don't apply to you. Solutions is a separate workforce with a different career path and salary structure.

ACN generally does not hire people with mainly programming skills into the consulting workforce at your experience level (exceptions exist, ymmv etc.)

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