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Advice on a tricky work situation

#1 Advice on a tricky work situation
07/06/2011 17:14


I work for one of the big 4 in their FS practice. Having been here 10 months - I feel like I've been duped.

Let me explain: Director sold me the role of Project/Programme Advisory with natural progression to full Consultant within a year (currently I'm a Senior Analyst). However the role has turned out to be a systems/infrastructure audit role. Although I have a background in IT (Worked for an IT services firm for 3 years as a Consultant/PMO Manager) my strength has always been on the business side with Technology being the service line. However I am now finding the job is sucking the lifeblood out of me and having met my manager today he also shared my concerns around low energy levels, to which in response I have asked for a transfer.

On the flip side I also have a couple of interviews lined up in the next week (industry), but am concious leaving the big4 after 11 months won't look great on my CV.

Question is: Do I go back to industry on better pay (perhaps a longer run in middle management) or try to transfer within the big4 on lower pay but perhaps a stronger CV for the long run?

Job background: 2 years retail banking (Contact centre and Branch), 3 years IT services, 1 year big4.

Any advice appreciated.

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#2 RE: Advice on a tricky work situation
07/06/2011 17:33

Mr Cool to a07 (#1)

Do what you enjoy. Enthusiasm creates energy creates high performance creates progression, wealth and kudos.

The problem is that you’ve gone in at the junior end and now you’re being treated as a junior. Why on earth move sideways to a similar role in a photocopy consultancy where you run the same risk of being assigned to a role that you’re not cut out for. Get yourself a proper PM role in “industry” and if in two to three years you really want to move back to consultancy do so on your own terms, as a PM on a proper PM salary.

There is NO WAY you should be taking a lower salary in a consultancy firm than you are being offered in a client organisation! That basically means the consultancy world values you less than the client world. Why work in the area that least values you? And if the consultancy values you less than the client, you’ll always be given low level dogsbody work to do.

BIG4 firms offer a great career option for many people, but it’s also pretty 10-a-penny these days as a CV enhancer.

As for leaving after 11 months? The firms interviewing you don’t seem to mind. Unless you make a habit of it, neither will anyone else.

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#3 RE: Advice on a tricky work situation
15/06/2011 13:58

a07 to Mr Cool (#2)

Well I've landed a job in industry (Insurance) today with a significant payrise and the job is to my liking. Just like to thank Mr Cool for your advice, I'm not sure if the consulting arena was for me but I've certainly benefitted from having one of the big4 on my CV, as there would have been little chance I could have landed this role without.

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