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Entry routes to Management Consulting

#1 Entry routes to Management Consulting
01/06/2011 11:48


Hello all,

Before I begin, its my first time so be gentle. I came across this forum a couple of days ago and after reading a wide range of posts I decided the easiest way to get an answer to my question was by asking.

I've just finished university in Ireland, studied psychology with an additional year abroad in Salzburg. I've been reading up about MC recently and it looks like the kind of job I'd enjoy. I originally studied psych because I thought it'd be interesting and broad enough that I wouldn't close myself from any other careers after graduation. I always had a feeling I'd end up in business.

I'm wondering what the best route into MC for MBB type firms is, from my standpoint. I'm hoping to go travelling for a couple of years, start off teaching English and climbing mainly. My plan is to work in Brazil teaching English to perfect my Portuguese, then get a job either related to the World Cup or in sales or as an account manager for a business working between Brazil and the UK (related to energy preferably). Following on from this I want to go back and do an MSc in management (Management and Strategy in LSE is what I have my eye on).

If all this worked out I'd be about 25/26 on graduation. What are the chances of me getting into an MBB (or close) with these qualifications.

Any opinions (good, bad or indifferent) would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 RE: Entry routes to Management Consulting
02/06/2011 06:42

Jason to cash2905 (#1)

Hi cash,

No disrespect meant, you sound like a cool guy/girl, but I think you should perhaps do a bit more research into MBB. Mainly to get a grasp of how intense the competition to get into these places is -you'll be up against people from the world's best investment banks/fortune 500 corporations/law firms/mba programs.

To be frank, a couple of years teaching english and a sales job will not get you an interview at any of the global strategy houses, let alone MBB.

The MSc may be a decent option, I'm not familiar with it but without strong work experience it'll be hard to a) get into the program itself b) get post-msc interviews.

Sorry to come off so negative, I could be wrong, but I think you have your work cut out for you to even get close to MC.

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#3 RE: Entry routes to Management Consulting
02/06/2011 06:44

Jason to Jason (#2)

Unless you have some ace up your sleeve that you haven't mentioned - eg. killer connections, started your own successful company, graduated top of your psych class...

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#4 RE: Entry routes to Management Consulting
02/06/2011 09:20

cash2905 to Jason (#3)

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the honest reply, I'd rather be told the truth than given false promises any day. Do you work within the field yourself?

Following on from that I suppose my main question is, to get into the field, where should I go form my current standpoint? What should be my next move to ensure I end up there eventually? Is there much of a difference in getting into lower tier MC firms? I only mentioned MBB as an ideal.

Thanks again for your reply.

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#5 RE: Entry routes to Management Consulting
08/06/2011 17:53

cash2905 to cash2905 (#4)

Jason would I be correct in guessing you're about to graduate BES or Commerce in UCD?

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