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Ey to counter offer

#1 Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:12


I've been offered a job at Deloitte's consultancy practice. I would be at the same grade (experienced manager) as my current role at EY, work would be similar and the pay would be about a 15K uplift in pay before any bonuses. What's causing me to pause is that I have developed a really good reputation at EY and they are forecasting me to make Senior manager in next years promotion rounds (submit my case May next year, promotion in Nov 2012). The pay at SM won't be much different as what I go in at as a manager at Deloitte's but I would be starting again reputation-wise. A specific query I have is whether EY make counter offers when people are poached by rival Big 4 firms? That said, any opinions or advice are very welcome. Thanks

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#2 RE: Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:15

Deloitte to EY (#1)

Manager is a tough grade to get over at Deloitte. Regardless of experience, unless you're able to exceed sales targets immediately on joining - it's highly unlikely you'll get a promotion in your first 12 months. I presume Deloitte are not hiring you for your sales network (or I expect they would have offered you SM). However, as a SM in EY I would guess you would have a better chance of joining Deloitte as SM (as there is presumed sales ability and requirement to maintain grade). This may equal an even bigger jump if you wait until promotion in November. What are the actual numbers out of interest? I'm afraid I can't comment on the liklihood of EY to counter offer.

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#3 RE: Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:17

EY to Deloitte (#2)

Thanks Anon, Exactly right - if I move to Deloitte, I wouldn't expect to get SM within 12 months but speed of promotion isn't the main driver for me to move anyway (or I'd stay put). I'd be more than happy to stay at Manager grade for a bit to establish myself, develop my networks, all the usual stuff when you join a new firm as well as develop my sales record. Once I'm at the point with a strong business case with the sales network, I'd do all the hoop jumping you do for promotion to SM (it makes the first year after promotion far easier). I'm on 61K at EY and the promotion would be to 76K at Deloitte which is quite nice for moving sideways.

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#4 RE: Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:18

Ex-EY to EY (#1)

I used to work at EY and it seemed very much down to the partner to make a counter offer. However, the sense I got was that using the threat of leaving as a way to get promoted can leave a black mark on your perception in the organization.

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#5 RE: Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:20

Anon to EY (#3)

Whats your real objective here - To get a counter offer? You might make an extra £15k for the next year, but then you'd most likely get the standard 2% or whatever, whereas if you get promoted at EY, you'd be on at least £10k more than that as a year 1 SM. Who knows how long it would take you to then re-establish yourself and get promoted at DT.. maybe never. Dont know - your ambition maybe just to be a well paid Manager and kick back for the next few years without sales expectations...(?) If its the counter you are after, you need to be ready to actually follow through if it doesnt materialise and leave EY and the higher probability of making SM, and go take your chances at Deloitte.

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#6 RE: Ey to counter offer
12/05/2011 09:22

Tony Restell ( to Anon (#5)

Morning all. A quick apology that we inadvertently deleted this post earlier this morning. It's been reinstated in full - but the names alongside posts may have changed when we reinstated.

Good luck with making the right call OP!

Tony Restell

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