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#1 tips?
04/05/2011 06:44


Hey forum,

I am starting as an mba intern at one of the big four very soon and I was wondering if those of you who are more experienced have any tips for me on being successful? I want to guarantee a f/t offer for after graduation.

Thanks in advance!

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#2 RE: tips?
04/05/2011 10:31

jr to newbieconsultant (#1)

Be visible. Network. Be friendly and a pleasure to work with.

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#3 RE: tips?
04/05/2011 11:35

anon to jr (#2)

set yourself apart from other interns, not too much so you annoy people, but just be a bit better, get in slightly earlier, leave slightly later, be more fun to work with, offer to help other people out, socialise, do something to get yourself noticed such as a charity event or something. Don't take it to extremes, the aim is to ensure you are the top of the list for job offer.

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#4 RE: tips?
04/05/2011 12:12

Big4 to newbieconsultant (#1)

One sugar, no milk.

Just kidding... to be honest, one of the problems that we sometimes have with interns is knowing what to do with them and how to keep them busy. What I really like is an intern who gets to know quickly how the team works, spots specific opportunities to help, and rather than saying "I've got nothing on, what can I do to help?", says: "Would it be helpful if I did X database work or Y piece of research?"

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#5 RE: tips?
04/05/2011 13:28

Shoe Polisher to Big4 (#4)

and don't be too licky.

Otherwise really good tips on here.

I do the hiring here so I get all the feedback from partners/directors/managers when we do the wash up at the end of internships. It always comes down to how well somebody slotted in, how they made an effort to make their face fit.

Show initiative and endeavour and don't pull too much sausage.

Good luck.

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#6 RE: tips?
05/05/2011 09:21

Newbie consultant to Shoe Polisher (#5)

Thanks to all of you who replied, I appreciate it! Great advice and thanks for the coffee joke :(

Ooooh I am so nervous and exited!

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#7 RE: tips?
05/05/2011 09:35

Anon313 to Newbie consultant (#6)

Another tip would be to be vocal. I see an MBA intern as different to an undergrad intern in this respect, and I expect an element of 'impact' rather than just quiet learning.

Of course, be careful to de-risk what you say and do (think "x might be worth considering" and not "x is the definite answer"). However, someone who contributes to team brain-storming sessions is seen as someone who has impact, particularly if you can draw on pre-MBA experience. Be assured that, in brainstorming, 90% suggestions made by anyone are incorrect, so nobody will think badly of you if your ideas are not spot on.

Good luck!

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#8 RE: tips?
05/05/2011 10:29

Dr Freud to Newbie consultant (#6)

"Ooooh I am so nervous and exited! "

What a great freudian slip..

Its definitely not a good idea to get so nervous that you let any exiting occur.

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#9 RE: tips?
06/05/2011 08:54

newbieconsultant to Dr Freud (#8)

oops, not exiting, i hope - which leads to my next question:

So, any advice on obvious(to you, maybe not me) and not so obvious mistakes to avoid as a newbie?

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#10 RE: tips?
06/05/2011 09:59

Short Hair, Shiny Shoes to newbieconsultant (#9)

If given the opportunity socialise with your team members/practice members outside of work. Even if it's just going for drinks and so on, may seem a small thing but is really valuable, builds a stronger relationship with those around you and again you are seen as "fitting in"

One thing, may seem obvious but many people fall into this trap, do have a drink, do get tipsy, do not get plastered (at least until you've got your feet firmly under a desk!)

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#11 RE: tips?
07/05/2011 00:03

GRAFTER to Short Hair, Shiny Shoes (#10)


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#12 RE: tips?
07/05/2011 18:29

Anon313 to GRAFTER (#11)

Never, ever, shirk work. If you have a commitment on Tuesday evening, that is cool: be upfront, and make sure you work out your schedule with colleagues to leave the evening free. Never, ever just disappear. Ths point isn't about the hours you work, it is about managing expecations...

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#13 RE: tips?
25/03/2012 06:30

hridwa to newbieconsultant (#1)

Its really all about being able to really put your best foot forward as they say it. always do your best and show them that you are really patient hardworking person and that you have a passion at what you do. most importantly you have to come off as someone knowledgeable at what you are doing so that you have the edge. always come prepared. make people like you but also remember that you wont be able to please everyone, just try to please the right people.

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#14 RE: tips?
03/04/2012 15:35

rc to hridwa (#13)

based on an intern I was saddled with last year:

- do not wear headphones in the office

- do not put your head on the desk and close your eyes (yes, really)

- do not stuff your pockets with free snacks from the interns' lunch then offer them round the office

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