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Recruiter no-no?

#1 Recruiter no-no?
14/04/2011 10:57


I applied for a new role through a recruiter. All seemed ok though the recruiter didn't have a huge amount of knowledge about the role.

The company then started advertising direct, with a named individual point of contact. To find out more I called the point of contact, explained that I had applied through the recruiter and we had a great conversation.

I then got a really snotty email from the recruiter "asking" me to route all correspondance through him.

As far as I'm concerned I've done nothing wrong, but I've never used recruiters before. Are they all this defensive and possessive, or does it mean that I'm a serious contender and he's worried about his fee?

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#2 RE: Recruiter no-no?
14/04/2011 11:07

intelli to Mac (#1)

As far as I understand, it only means one thing - 'his fee'. That's all most of 'em care about. And 'didn't have a huge amount of knowledge about the role ' ... lol, you 'll find that very seldom with them anyways. Good luck!

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#3 RE: Recruiter no-no?
14/04/2011 11:55

Mars A Day to Mac (#1)

Reducing it to simple financial terms, the recruiter in question cannot lose his fee even if the company then hires you without his intervention (assuming he has a contract for services with them). There is an agree representation period - usually 6 -12 months where the recruiter 'owns' the relationship. They get paid regardless.

I wonder what you call 'snotty' though - an email asking you to route contact through the recruiter seems reasonable. What I would comment on though is the recruiter appeared to know little about the role. Unfortunately this isnt rare - recruiters charging for an introduction with no added value to client or candidate. A good recruiter should be able to talk you through the role, why it has been created, its touchpoints on other practice lines (critical for senior hires who need to build flatter, integrated propositions) etc.

I suggest a brief call, discuss the matter with the recruiter. Tell them you felt you had to get more info on the role (but dont disclose what you've learned) and maybe even tell them you will handle the process from here. They will still get paid, but sounds like this particular individual could be more a hinderance than a help.

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#4 RE: Recruiter no-no?
14/04/2011 14:15

Mac to Mars A Day (#3)

Thanks Mars - much appreciated.

I have no problem with the principle of routing through him but the tone of the note was terrible!

I sent him a note by reply and it seems that I'll be interviewed in a couple of weeks.

Here goes...!

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#5 RE: Recruiter no-no?
14/04/2011 15:37

Mars A Day to Mac (#4)

Well recruiters are human too so maybe he was having a very bad day. Best thing draw a line under it and move forwards - building a good relationship with a few recruiters can pay real dividends.

Best of luck with the interview - come back and update us all on how you get on.

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#6 RE: Recruiter no-no?
15/04/2011 10:57

Recruiter too to Mac (#1)

The reality is that a) candidates DO sometimes think their chances are better if they contact an employer direct b) some employers' processes are such that any direct contact, particularly if it is before the recruiter has submitted the CV will cut out the agency commission c) employers are looking for ways to minimise costs d) recruiters will justifiably feel that your contacting their client reflects badly on them with that client

While you don’t reveal the exact contents of the email and there is no excuse for rudeness it is very understandable that the recruiter has reacted with apparently extreme sensitivity.

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