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#1 ACN or GS
13/04/2011 15:58


Between Accenture Consulting (Sen Con level) - Cap market and Goldman sachs technology driven internal change management what is a better choice ?

I have worked previously for a system integrator and a mid tier IB and did not like it at IB, but that was partly because the people with whom I worked were crap and I was in a silly backoffice dept.

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#2 RE: ACN or GS
13/04/2011 16:42

Mars A Day to GA (#1)

Assuming that you won't be in the BO at GS working with 'crap' people, GS wins hands down. The only brand which outright trumps everyone else. And that includes MBB.

Or if you want a more reasoned approach, the ICB review is likely to crack the proverbial nut of everything in the MO and BO, separation of IB/RB infrastructure and all the gubbins leading to a bubble of intense demand for internal change project managers which the market won't be able to deliver. No this enterprise won't come to Goldman directly but being inside at the wonderbank will position you to move more or less anywhere within IB. Spend a year, maybe 2 at GS, then when the ICB programme starts to rumble forwards jump ship to one of the universal banks who will be crying out for people like you (and be prepared to pay). Miund you, cost of capital is already on the rise, so even without ICB the Basel regs will lead most banks to looking for cheap liquidity, and internal change (read performance improvement to deliver headcount reductions) would be the lowest hanging fruit.

Or join Accenture and join the inevitable queues to get out again.

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#3 RE: ACN or GS
14/04/2011 07:39

GA to Mars A Day (#2)

Thanks Mars.

No this isnt in the BO but niether in the business as well. This is within technology.

The only thing is I am deciding between acn mc role and GS IT based role.

ICB is still in early stages and only time will tell how it goes, but yes GS is definitely a stronger brand.

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#4 RE: ACN or GS
14/04/2011 08:59

billum to GA (#3)

parts of GS FO technology are genuinely innovative and market leading. by contrast, ACN and their ilk are market-following, at best supplying capacity and delivery rigour to achieve a target end result that someone else has originated. Personally I find the former type of environment more stimulating.

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#5 RE: ACN or GS
14/04/2011 10:47

Mars A Day to GA (#3)

GA if it's in tech then def has to be GS. You will always have an option to go to MC later if you want to, but getting into GS from MC will be harder. There are consistent rumours that GS technology is of the Potemkin variety and not as market leading as they would like us all to believe, but even so - Billium puts it well.

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#6 RE: ACN or GS
14/04/2011 16:11

Ricky to Mars A Day (#2)

.. and this would be why I got out of FS in 2005 when I and my much more informed colleagues saw the crash coming. More than any other branch of consutling I find FS is full of people with lots to say but little worth hearing!!

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